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Título:Identity and Dialect Performance
Subtítulo:A Study of Communities and Dialects
Autor/a:Bassiouney, Reem
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Oxford, UK
DescripciónIdentity and Dialect Performance discusses the relationship between identity and dialects. It starts from the assumption that the use of dialect is not just a product of social and demographic factors, but can also be an intentional performance of identity. Dialect performance is related to identity construction and in a highly globalised world, the linguistic repertoire has increased rapidly, thereby changing our conventional assumptions about dialects and their usage.

The key outstanding feature of this particular book is that it spans an extensive range of communities and dialects; Italy, Hong Kong, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Japan, Germany, The Sudan, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, US, UK, French Guiana, Colombia,and Libya.

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Temática:Análisis del discurso, Antropología lingüística, Sociolingüística, Variedades del español
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I. Dialects in Localised Delocalised Contexts

1. Nonstandard dialect and identity

2. The elusive dialect border

3. Dialect performances in super diverse communities: the case for ethnographic approaches to language variation

II. Nation-States and Identity Construction in Relation to a Standard and a Dialect

4. The construction of linguistic borders and the rise of national identity in South Sudan: some insights into Juba Arabic (árabi júba)

5. From language to dialect and back: the case of Piedmontese

6. Darija and the construction of "Moroccanness"

7. ‘Sloppy speech is like sloppy dress’: folk attitudes towards non-standard British English

III. Contact, Variation, Performance and Metalinguistic Discourse

8.  From varieties in contact to the selection of linguistic features in multilingual settings

9. ‘You live in the United States, you speak English’, decían las maestras: how New Mexican Spanish speakers enact, ascribe and reject ethnic identities

10. The social meanings of Wolof and French: contact dialects, language ideology, and competing modernities in Senegal

11. The social value of variation in Tétouan and Ghomara (Northwestern Morocco)

12. New presentations of self in everyday life: Linguistic transgressions in England, Germany and Japan

13. Language and identity in Siwa Oasis: Indexing belonging, localness and authenticity in a small minority community

IV. The Media, Dialect Performance and Language Variation  

14. Youtube Yinzers: Stancetaking and the performance of Pittsburghese

15. Performing Scottish identity on Screen: Language, Identity, and Humour in Scottish Television Comedy

16. Identity, Repertoire, and Performance: The Case of an Egyptian Poet

17. Ruination and amusement – dialect, youth and revolution in Naija 

18. Dialectal variation and identity in post-revolutionary Libyan media: The case of Dragunov (2014)

19. The effect of TV and internal versus external contact on variation in Syrian rural child language

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