Novedad bibliográficaInfoling 1.76 (2018)

Título:Production and Perception Mechanisms of Sound Change
Autores/as:Recasens, Daniel; Sánchez Miret, Fernando
Año de publicación:2018
Lugar de edición:Munich
DescripciónThis volume brings together thirteen papers on sound change dealing mostly with Romance in general, several Romance languages in particular (French, Italian, Rhaetoromance, Romanian, Spanish) and a few non-Romance languages as well (Basque, K’ichee’). Most papers are about the articulatory and acoustic causes of sound change and how spatiotemporal variation in production affects the perceptual identification of phonetic segments. Other relevant research topics are the relationship between phonetics and phonology and the influence of the speakers’ age and provenance and of word frequency on the speed at which sound changes take place. The contributions of this volume report acoustic and/or articulatory data in support of particular explanatory interpretations which may inspire future work on diachronic phonology.
Temática:Fonética, Fonología, Lingüística histórica, Lingüística románica

Rromance languages


Rodney Sampson
Innovation without change: on a recent phonetic development in Parisian French


Giovanni Abete
On a dynamic threshold for the perception of diphthongization

Silvia Calamai / Chiara Celata
Velar nasals in sound change. On the phonetic origin of Florentine anaphonesis

Stefano Canalis
Irregular open syllable diphthongization in Old Tuscan

Michele Loporcaro
On the subordinate status of the choice between formal and substantive explanation for sound change


Stephan Schmid
Palatal and postalveolar obstruents in six Italo- and Rhaeto-Romance varieties: phonemic merger or retention?


Daniel Recasens
Some controversial issues about the inception of velar softening


Ioana Chitoran / Ioana Vasilescu / Bianca Vieru / Lori Lamel
Connected speech in Romanian: Exploring sound change through an ASR system


Ana Estrada
Factors involved in the evolution of intervocalic /d/ in the Iberian Peninsula: The case for frequency

John Mm. Ryan
The dual anomalous trajectories of the Latin sequence -MIN- into Spanish: An analysis involving both full syncope and weakening

Non-Romance languages

Ander Egurtzegi
Nasalized mid back vowel raising in Gascon and Basque

Oroitz Jauregi / Irantzu Epelde
Pérdida de la aspiración en euskera .

Brandon O. Baird
Dialectal evolution of the vowel systems of K’ichee’
ColecciónLINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, 60
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