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Autores/as: Mammadov, Azad; Mammadov, Misgar; Rasulova, Jamila
Título: Repetition in Discourse
Año de publicación: 2019
Lugar de edición: Munich
Editorial: LINCOM

Repetition in language has been widely and extensively studied from the perspectives of text linguistics, discourse analysis, linguistic pragmatics, literary studies, rhetoric and psychology. Meanwhile, these studies mostly focus on the specific functions of phonetic, morphological, lexical and syntactic repetitions in a particular discourse type and genre. The authors of this book have decided to revisit this topic due to their new approach to this phenomenon, which can reshape our understanding of the traditional role of repetition in text and discourse. The goal is to study repetition not only on the level of language, but also on the level of cognition focusing on the juxtaposition of the different discourse types and genres. In order to justify this methodology, the book focuses on repetition in language as one of the core elements in the series of choices senders make based on their social and individual preferences. Such approach can allow more in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of repetition from the point of view of discourse studies, cognitive linguistics and sociolinguistics and can help to reveal its new function in discourse. Thus the book combines theoretical framework with empirical engagement and brings together analysis from a range of disciplines.

Temática: Análisis del discurso, Ciencia cognitiva, Sociolingüística



Part 1. Textual functions of repetition
1. Theoretical framework, methodology and data
2. Poetic and rhetorical functions
2.1. Phonetic repetition
2.2. Morphological repetition
2.3. Lexical repetition
2.4. Syntactic repetition
3. Construal function

Part 2. Cognitive function of repetition
4. Repetition in the context of time and space
5. Repetition and associations
6. Repetition and conceptualization
7. Repetitions as the instances of conceptual metaphors



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