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Infoling 11.31 (2018)
Título:The Impact of the English Language in Italy
Subtítulo:Linguistic Outcomes and Political Implications
Autor/a:Carlucci, Alessandro
Año de publicación:2018
Lugar de edición:Munich
DescripciónThis book offers a detailed account of the impact that contact with the English language has had on Italian language and society. The first chapter places the Italian case within the current sociolinguistic and language policy debates on the spread of English as a global language. The following chapters focus on how English influences have contributed to the historical development of certain grammatical structures of the Italian language, from phonology to word-formation and syntax.

Finally, Chapter 5 turns to lexical influence in order to assess the specific contribution of American English, as opposed to other varieties of English. The book as a whole shows how the impact of English on the history of the Italian language is linked to the social stratifications and hierarchies of prestige and power within the community that uses Italian, and how these hierarchies and stratifications are in turn affected by the spread of English.

Objectives, Contents, and Sources of Inspiration
A Gramscian Prelude to the Study of Language Contact
Key Terms and Ideas

1. Global English in Italy: Social Variables and Political Implications
1.1. Why a Gramscian Approach?
1.1.1. The Folklorist Mentality
1.1.2. Unification, Diversity, Hegemony
1.1.3. Passive Revolution
1.1.4. Linguistic Insecurity and the Effects of Meritocracy
1.2. Why Pre-2008 Italy?
1.3. Foreign Language Learning in Italy
1.3.1. Historical Overview
1.3.2. Knowledge of English
1.3.3. Data Published between 2006 and 2007
1.3.4. The Role of School Education and Vocational Training
1.3.5. Constraints on Other Learning Channels
1.4. Discussion
1.5. Conclusions

2. English Influences in Italian: Innovation or Exploitation?
2.1. Recent Developments in the Study of Language Contact and Change
2.2. Non-Lexical English Influences in Italian
2.2.1. Cases of Exploitation
2.2.2. Cases of Innovation?
2.3. Discussion
2.4. Conclusions

3. Multiple Causation: A Closer Look at the Progressive Periphrasis and at Coordination
3.1. What Kind of Contact?
3.2. What Kind of Change?
3.3. Recent Approaches to Contact-Induced Change
3.4. First Case Study: The Progressive Periphrasis
3.5. Second Case Study: Coordination
3.6. Conclusions

4. Foreign Phonological and Word-Formation Patterns: What Role for Contact with English?
4.1. English Influence on Italian Phonology and Word-Formation: Fifty Years of Debates
4.2. A Reassessment
4.2.1. Phonological Impact
4.2.2. Impact on Compounding
4.3. Discussion
4.4. Conclusions

5. The Dynamics of Lexical Borrowing: Anglicisms and Americanisms
5.1. The Anglo-Americanization of the Italian Lexicon
5.2. Open Questions and Methodological Problems
5.3. Americanisms in Contemporary Italian
5.4. Discussion
5.5. Conclusions

General Conclusions

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