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Autores/as: Dumitrescu, Domnita; Andueza, Patricia Lorena, eds.
Título: L2 Spanish Pragmatics
Subtítulo: From Research to Teaching
Año de publicación: 2018
Lugar de edición: Londres y Nueva York
Editorial: Routledge

L2 Spanish Pragmatics is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of current research into pragmatics and Spanish language teaching.

It presents the research on the teaching of pragmatics and Spanish language as a multifaceted discipline. Written by an international cohort of scholars, the breadth of topics includes innovative topics in the teaching of Spanish, such as genre analysis, discourse markers, politeness and impoliteness, nonverbal communication, irony, and humor, as well as web-based pragmatics resources.

Key features

- An overview of new trends in Spanish pragmatics research and the growing need for instruction in intercultural communication;
- Insights derived from important theoretical and empirical works that may contribute to integrate pragmatics in the teaching of the language;
- Explanations with great clarity, plenty of examples and references, as well as connections to language teaching and learning;
- Tasks and activities that can help teachers move from a traditional curricular approach to a more innovative and engaging one;
- Descriptions of numerous activities or guidelines for the classroom, supplemented with additional materials;
- A bilingual glossary of terms in pragmatics that will help teachers in their implementation of activities to teach L2 Spanish pragmatics.

L2 Spanish Pragmatics constitutes a reference book on current research on learning and teaching Spanish pragmatics. It will be of interest to university lecturers, researchers, and graduate students. It will also be an excellent resource for language educators and K-16 teachers willing to expand their knowledge and apply the teaching of pragmatics as an integral component in the teaching of the Spanish language.

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Temática: Español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Español como segunda lengua (EL2), Pragmática, Semántica


List of Contributors


Introduction: Taking pragmatics to the L2 Spanish classroom
Domnita Dumitrescu and Patricia Lorena Andueza

PART I. L2 Spanish pragmatics research

1 The pragmatics toolbox
Victoria Escandell-Vidal

2 Learning L2 Spanish pragmatics: What research says, what textbooks offer, what teachers must do
Montserrat Mir

3 Pragmatics in L2 Spanish textbooks: Perspectives from Spain
Carlos de Pablos-Ortega

4 When to speak Spanish and when not to: Interethnic communication and US students of L2 Spanish
Laura Callahan

5 Nonverbal communication in L2 Spanish teaching
Ana M. Cestero Mancera

6 Teaching L2 Spanish discourse markers and pragmatic markers
Catalina Fuentes-Rodríguez

PART II. L2 Spanish pragmatics instruction

7 Teaching sociopragmatics: Face-work, politeness and impoliteness in L2 Spanish colloquial conversations
María Bernal

8 Developing L2 Spanish discursive-pragmatic ability in a persuasive genre at an intermediate level
Cecilia Sessarego

9 The pragmatics of irony in the L2 Spanish classroom
M. Belén Alvarado Ortega

10 Teaching with and about humor in the L2 Spanish classroom
Susana de los Heros

11 L2 Spanish pragmatics instruction at the novice level: Creating meaningful contexts for the acquisition of grammatical forms
Lynn Pearson

12 Web-based pragmatics resources: Techniques and strategies for teaching L2 Spanish pragmatics to English speakers
Victoria Russell


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