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Autores/as: Orts Llopis, María Ángeles; Breeze, Ruth; Gotti, Maurizio
Título: Power, Persuasion and Manipulation in Specialised Genres
Subtítulo: Providing Keys to the Rhetoric of Professional Communities
Año de publicación: 2017
Lugar de edición: Frankfurt am Main
Editorial: Peter Lang

This volume focuses on the study of linguistic manipulation, persuasion and power in the written texts of professional communication, to go further into the understanding of how they are constructed, interpreted, used and exploited in the achievement of specific goals. Such texts are here contemplated from the stance of genre theory, which starts from the premise that specialised communities have a high level of rhetorical sophistication, the keys to which are offered solely to their members. In particular, the book investigates the communicative devices that serve the need of such professions to exert power and manipulation, and to use persuasion. The perspective adopted in this work does not envisage power simply as a distant, alienated and alienating supremacy from above, but as an everyday, socialized and embodied phenomenon. To attain its goal, the volume brings forth studies on the language of several professions belonging to various specialised fields such as law and arbitration, engineering, economics, advertising, business, politics, medicine, social work, education and the media.

Temática: Análisis del discurso, Lingüística cognitiva, Pragmática, Semántica


Introduction (María Ángeles Orts / Ruth Breeze)

Power through Manipulation

Interdiscursive Manipulation in Media Reporting: The Case of the Panama Papers in India (Vijay K. Bhatia / Aditi Bhatia)

Empowering the Discourse of Globalization in International Organizations: The International Maritime Organization as a Case in Point (Ana Bocanegra-Valle)

Maintaining a Dominant Voice: A Syntactic Analysis of the Way Power is Wielded in Medical Editorials (Shirley Carter-Thomas / Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet)

Persuasive Strategies on Surrogacy Websites: A Discourse-Analytical and Rhetorical Study (Giuliana Elena Garzone)

‘Silence will Break my Bones’: The Presentation and Representation of Victims and Perpetrators at the Service of Just-world Views in Judicial Discourse (Esther Monzó-Nebot)

A Keyword Analysis of the 2015 UK Higher Education Green Paper and the Twitter Debate (Pascual Pérez-Paredes)

Power through Persuasion

Persuading against Gender Violence: An Interdiscursive Genre Analysis (Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler)

Persuasion in Promotional Banking Products: A Comparative Corpus-based Study (Daniel Gallego-Hernández)

Rhetorical Strategies of Persuasion in the Reasoning of International Investment Arbitral Awards (Diana Giner)

Power and Persuasion in Arbitration: East vs West (Maurizio Gotti)

Showing Power and Persuasion in Business Communication: The Corporate News Section in Websites and Social Media (Juan C. Palmer-Silveira)

Transmitting Authority in Risk Communication: An Exploration of U.S. Air-Accident Dockets Online (Carmen Sancho Guinda)

The Role of Hedging in Balancing Power and Persuasion in the Judicial Context: The Case of Majority and Dissenting Opinions (Holly Vass)

Colección: Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communicartion
Formato: Hardback
Págs.: 386
ISBN-13: 9783034330107
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