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Infoling 1.50 (2016)
Título:New Perspectives on Hispanic Contact Linguistics in the Americas.
Autores/as:Sessarego, Sandro; González-Rivera, Melvin
Año de publicación:2015
Lugar de edición:Madrid / Frankfurt
Editorial:Iberoamericana / Vervuert
DescripciónThis volume is an edited collection of articles dealing with Hispanic contact linguistics in the Americas. The project is composed of four main sections, organized according to the type of socio-historical scenario that characterizes the nature of the contact situation: Spanish in contact with indigenous languages; Spanish in contact with coerced-migration languages; Spanish in contact with free-migration languages; and Spanish in contact with languages outside of Latin America, but still within the Americas.
Temática:Sociolingüística, Variedades del español

Sandro Sessarego and Melvin González-Rivera

Section 1.
Spanish in contact with Indigenous languages

Maya-Spanish Contact in Yucatan, Mexico: Context and Sociolinguistic Implications
Jim Michnowicz

Rapanui Features in the Morphosyntactic System of Easter Island Spanish
Verónica González López

The Formal Guaraní and Spanish of Paraguayan Bilinguals
Shaw Nicholas Gynan, Ernesto Luís López Almada, Carlos Marino Lugo Bracho and María Eva Mansfeld de Agüero

Continuity and Innovation in Peruvian Spanish: Pragmatics and Contact in (Differential) Object Marking
Elisabeth Mayer and Manuel Delicado Cantero

Borrowed Clause Combining Patterns in Two Arawakan Languages - Baure and Paunaka
Swintha Danielsen and Lena Terhart

Section 2.
Spanish in contact with coerced-migration languages

Codeswitching and Borrowing in Aruban Papiamentu: The Blurring of Categories
Yolanda Rivera and Patrick-André Mather

Nominal Ellipses in an Afro-Hispanic Language of Ecuador: The Choteño Case
Sandro Sessarego and Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach

Cimarroneras in Venezuela: The Role of Isolated Communities in the Potential Development of a Spanish Creole
Avizia Yim Long and Manuel Díaz-Campos

The Individual as the Locus of Variation and Change in a Contact Situation in Panama
Delano S. Lamy

Section 3.
Spanish in contact with free-migration languages

Romance Language Contact in Mexico: The Case of Veneto-Spanish Bilingualism
Hilary Barnes

Portuguese/Portuñol in Misiones, Argentina: Another “Fronterizo”?
John M. Lipski

Preposition Stranding in a Non-Preposition Stranding Language: Contact or Language Change?
Melvin González-Rivera, Ramón Padilla-Reyes, and John Rueda-Chaves

Definite and Indefinite Articles in Nikkei Spanish
Ana María Díaz-Collazos

Section 4.
Latin American Spanish outside of Latin America

Doing Being Boricua on the Island and in the U.S. Midwest: Perceptions of National Identity and Lateralization of /ɾ/ in Puerto Rican Spanish
Wilfredo Valentín-Márquez

Castilian in New York City: What Can We Learn from the Future?
Rafael Orozco

Language Attitudes and Linguistic Identities in Miami
Diego Pascual y Cabo

Heritage Speakers’ Spanish in California: How Unbalanced Bilingualism Affects Reverse Construction of the gustar-type
Viola Miglio and Stefan Th. Gries

Spanish and English in Contact in the Cyber World
Antonio Medina-Rivera

ColecciónLengua y Sociedad en el Mundo Hispánico, 35
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