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Infoling 12.4 (2009)
Título:4th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication
Entidades organizadoras:CLAN project; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; Intercultural Pragmatics Journal
Lugar de celebración:Madrid, España
Fecha de inicio:15 de noviembre de 2010
Fecha de finalización:17 de noviembre de 2010
Circular Nº:1
Contacto:Jesús Romero Trillo,
DescripciónThe goal of the conference is to promote both the theoretical and applied research in pragmatics. Three parallel sessions will be held according to the following topics:
- Pragmatics theories: meaning, role of context, semantics-pragmatics interface, explicature, implicature, speech act theory, etc.
- Intercultural aspects of pragmatics: research involving more than one language and culture or varieties of one language, lingua franca, intercultural misunderstandings, effect of dual language and multilingual systems on the development and use of pragmatic skills
- Applications: usage and corpus-based approaches, teachability and learnability of pragmatic skills, pragmatic variations within one language and across languages, developmental pragmatics, etc.

A volume of selected papers will be published in the Mouton Series in Pragmatics, and a second volume to be arranged with another publisher.
Área temática:Pragmática

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:7 de diciembre de 2009
María Belén Díez Bedmar