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Infoling 12.19 (2009)
Título:E-Lexicography. The Construction of Internet Dictionaries
Entidad organizadora:Universidad de Valladolid
Lugar de celebración:Valladolid, España
Fecha de inicio:19 de abril de 2010
Fecha de finalización:21 de abril de 2010
Circular Nº:1
Contacto:Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera,
DescripciónThis International Symposium is organised by Research Project “Los Diccionarios de Internet para el Tercer Milenio" (FFI2009-07109-E/FILO), University of Valladolid, and seeks to address some major concerns in the state of the art of e-dictionaries in connection with the approaches adopted by scholars working in two related fields: e-lexicography; knowledge engineering. We hope to add to the current debate regarding the development of accessology in connection with the existence of new visions and challenges for lexicography in the Information Age, resulting from three recent developments: (i) the advent of the so-called information and knowledge society; (ii) the integration of lexicography and computer technology and the present transition from printed to electronic dictionaries; (iii) the upsurge of new theoretical reflections and the formulation of an independent lexicographic theory.

Participants: Leading scholars from Denmark, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Spain will address the aforementioned issues:

The Symposium is open on a first-come-first-served basis to 10 PhD and/or academics registrants from Spanish universities. They may attend the symposium free of charge. If interested, send an e-mail to
Área temática:Lexicografía, Lexicología
Richard Almind/Sandro Nielsen
From data to dictionary

Richard Almind/Birger Andersen
The Technical Realization of Three Monofunctional Phrasal Verb Dictionaries.

Patrick Leroyer
Change of Paradigm in Lexicography – From Dictionaries to Lexicographically Designed Information Tools

Henning Bergenholtz/Inger Bergenholtz
A dictionary is a tool, a good dictionary is a monofunctional tool

Sven Tarp
Lexicographical e-tools: Towards the individualization of needs satisfaction

Theo Bothma
Filtering and adapting data and information in the online environment in response to user needs

Serge Verlinde
Developing multilingual online reading, translating and writing assistants

Rufus H. Gouws
‘Structures and Functions’ or ‘Functions and Structures in electronic dictionaries?

Ulrich Heid
User interface design and data provision

Aquilino Sánchez/Pascual Cantos
Internet Spanish Dictionaries

Robert Lew
Online Dictionaries of English

Ricardo Mairal/Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza
The Lexical Constructional Model and its implementation in a multilingual and multiuse knowledge base

Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera/Marta Niño Amo
Internet Dictionaries in Cognitive Use Situations

Eva Samaniego/Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba
Key Issues in e-lexicography for the Future

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:23 de diciembre de 2009
Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera