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Infoling 5.14 (2024)
Título:Revisiting Modality
Subtítulo:A corpus-based study of epistemic adverbs in Galician
Autor/a:Míguez, Vítor
Año de publicación:2024
Lugar de edición:Ámsterdam
Editorial:John Benjamins

This book presents the first in-depth investigation of modality in Galician linguistics, offering a theoretical discussion of modal categories and a fine-grained description of epistemic adverbs.


The first half of the monograph deconstructs the most relevant approaches to modal categories and shows

- how the traditional concept of modality is a problematic notion,

- how it relates to other concepts such as evidentiality and mitigation, and

- how it ought to be conceived of in order to become a more useful instrument for linguistic analysis.


A new way of understanding modality is explored and illustrated through Galician examples. The second half of the book zooms in on six epistemic adverbs, which are exhaustively studied from both a formal and a functional perspective. Combining a quantitative and a qualitative perspective, the book shows that adverbs make up a rich semantic scale and establishes several factors that condition their occurrence in discourse, challenging previous conceptions of this grammatical domain.

Temática:Lingüística de corpus, Pragmática, Semántica, Sintaxis

Part I. Preliminaries


Chapter 1. Introduction


Part II. Theoretical background


Chapter 2. The concept of modality


Chapter 3. Functionalist approaches to modality


Chapter 4. Modality and neighboring categories


Chapter 5. Modality revisited: The Galician system


Part III. A focus on epistemic adverbs


Chapter 6. Corpus and method


Chapter 7. Epistemic adverbs: Syntagmatic and paradigmatic properties


Chapter 8. Epistemic adverbs: A pragmatic approach


Part IV. Conclusion


Chapter 9. General summary and discussion





Appendix A. Appendix of tables

Appendix B. Appendix of listings (R output)


ColecciónIssues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics
Formato:Hardbound / e-Book
Precio: 120,00 EUR      USD 156.00

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:8 de mayo de 2024
Vítor Míguez
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela