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Infoling 5.42 (2023)
Título:Dictionarization of Catalan Neologisms
Autores/as:Freixa, Judit; Guardiola, M. Isabel; Martines, Josep; Montané, M. Amor
Año de publicación:2023
Lugar de edición:Berlín (Alemania)
Editorial:Peter Lang

This book is concerned with the study of neologisms in Catalan, specifically with the description of their features. It is based on the results of the research project “Neologismes per a l’actualització del diccionari normatiu” (NADIC) (studying neologisms to update the standard Catalan dictionary), financed by Institut d’Estudis Catalans, and carried out by the Network of Catalan Language Neology Observatories between 2015 and 2017.


The chapters are organised into four main sections, dealing with general aspects of neology with the inclusion into a dictionary of certain types of neologisms as well as specific case studies, and questions on language variation since lexicography plays a central role in the construction of the standard language.

Temática:Lexicografía, Lexicología, Terminología

Foreword. Dictionarisation: To Be or Not to Be in the Dictionary

M. Teresa Cabré



Judit Freixa, M. Isabel Guardiola, Josep Martines, and M. Amor Montané


The Dictionarisation of Neologisms: The NADIC as a Model

Judit Freixa


Tendencies in Dictionarisation by Lexical Innovation Process

Ivan Solivellas


The Dictionarisation of Neologisms in the Information and Knowledge Society: What are the Current Challenges?

Ona Domènech-Bagaria


Analysis and Selection of Neologisms for DIEC1

Carolina Santamaria Jordà


The Dictionarisation of Neologisms Derived from Proper Nouns

Carolina Bastida and M. Amor Montané


The Dictionarization of Old and New Idioms

Jordi Ginebra


The Dictionarization of Interjections and Onomatopoeias

M. Isabel Guardiola


Phonetic Aspects and Orthographic Repercussions of the Dictionarization of Loanwords

Joan Julià-Muné


Dictionarisation and Morphological Variation: The Case of Neologisms Formed by Suffixation

Elisabet Llopart Saumell


Invisible Neologisms: Category Change

Mercè Lorente Casafont


The Locution de pa amb fonteta and other Similar Phraseological Units in Catalan: a Case of Syntagmatic and Semantic Neology

Josep Vicent Garcia Sebastià


Borrowings at the table and in the dictionary: figatell, from Italy to Valencia via Majorca (?)

Josep Martines


The Dictionarization of Blends: the Case of preqüela. An Approach According to the Theory of Conceptual Integration

Caterina Martínez


Getting Informality into the Dictionary: Colloquial Neologisms

Elisenda Bernal and Martí Freixas


The General Language Dictionary in Light of Advances: Specialised Neologisms

Rosa Estopà


From Vernacularism to Neologism through Lexicographic Criteria

Maria Gené Gil


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