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Infoling 9.45 (2022)
Título:Theoretical Perspectives on Terminology
Subtítulo:Explaining terms, concepts and specialized knowledge
Autores/as:Faber, Pamela; L'Homme, Marie-Claude
Año de publicación:2022
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam
Editorial:John Benjamins

The aim of this volume is to provide an overview of different theoretical perspectives on Terminology, from Wüster to other initiatives that have emerged since the beginning of the 1990s. The volume also covers important topics which have significantly influenced Terminology and its evolution. These include variation, multidimensionality, conceptual relations, and equivalence, among others. The twenty-two chapters of the volume, all written by acknowledged experts in the field, explore the questions that different approaches seek to answer. They also describe the theoretical and methodological principles that were devised over the years to characterize, analyze, and represent terminological data. The semi-chronological, semi-thematic organization of chapters not only provides readers with a clear vision of the evolution of ideas in Terminology, but also gives them an understanding as to why some of these ideas were initially challenged. In addition to being accessible to readers unfamiliar with the basic theoretical principles in the field, the chapters provide a showcase of current research in the field, the challenges looming on the horizon, and finally future directions in terminological research. By bringing together work that is often disseminated in different forums and written in different languages, this volume provides a unique opportunity to look at how different theoretical approaches to Terminology offer complementary perspectives on terms, concepts and specialized knowledge, and help to further a better understanding of the complex phenomena that terminologists must successfully deal with in their work

Temática:Lexicografía, Lexicología, Terminología

Theoretical perspectives on Terminology: An introduction

Pamela Faber and Marie-Claude L’Homme 
Part 1. General Theory of Terminology (and beyond)
Chapter 1. The reception of Wüster’s General Theory of Terminology
John Humbley
Chapter 2. General principles of Wüster’s General Theory of Terminology
Danielle Candel 
Part 2. Knowledge-based Terminology
Chapter 3. Conceptual relations: From the General Theory of Terminology to knowledge bases
Anita Nuopponen 
Chapter 4. Terminology and standards
Sue Ellen Wright 
Chapter 5. Concept management for Terminology: A Knowledge Engineering approach
Ingrid Meyer 
Chapter 6. Multidimensionality
Lynne Bowker 
Chapter 7. Terminology and ontologies
Elena Montiel-Ponsoda 
Part 3. Socioterminology and Cultural Terminology
Chapter 8. Founding principles of Socioterminology
Valérie Delavigne and François Gaudin 
Chapter 9. Cultural Terminology: An introduction to theory and method
Marcel Diki-Kidiri 

Part 4. Textual Terminology, Terminology and Lexical Semantics
Chapter 10. Textual Terminology: Origins, principles and new challenges
Anne Condamines and Aurélie Picton 
Chapter 11. Terminology and Lexical Semantics
Marie-Claude L’Homme 
Part 5. Corpus-based Terminology
Chapter 12. Text genres and Terminology
Mojca Pecman and Natalie Kübler 
Chapter 13. Knowledge patterns in corpora
Elizabeth Marshman 
Chapter 14. Terminology and distributional analysis of corpora
Ann Bertels 
Part 6. Terminology and Cognitive Linguistics
Chapter 15. Units of understanding in Sociocognitive Terminology studies
Rita Temmerman 
Chapter 16. Frame-based Terminology
Pamela Faber 
Chapter 17. Conceptual metaphors
José Manuel Ureña Gómez-Moreno and Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez 
Part 7. Variation and equivalence
Chapter 18. Causes of terminological variation
Judit Freixa 
Chapter 19. Diachronic variation
Pascaline Dury 

Chapter 20. Cognitive approaches to the study of term variation
Sabela Fernández-Silva
Chapter 21. Terminological growth
Kyo Kageura
Chapter 22. Terminology and equivalence
Pilar León-Araúz 
Standards and resources cited in chapters
Biographical notes 
ColecciónTerminology and Lexicography Research and Practice, 23
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