Petición de contribuciones (revista)Infoling 5.14 (2020)

Título:FITISPos-International Journal
Subtítulo:The Human Factor in PSIT (Public Service Interpreting and Translation)
Siglas o acrónimo de la revista:FITISPos-IJ
Año de publicación:2021

The Transform our World theme from the UN 2030 Agenda promotes, among its main objectives and goals, the eradication of poverty, as well as a sustainable, inclusive and equal development. With this action plan, societies must commit themselves to achieve a sustainable and adequate future for all. The Agenda is articulated around a series of interrelated objectives that address the global challenges that we face daily, such as poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity and peace and justice. The main challenge of the 2030 Agenda for the coming years is to aspire to a sustainable future, where there is room for alliance between countries, where a spirit of solidarity and inclusion grows, and where violence, fear and poverty are excluded.


Translation and interpretation, as an example of multilingual communication, is a fundamental axis to promote and ensure access to the conditions of equality in professional and educational matters manifested in the 2030 Agenda, as well as to give visibility and voice to disadvantaged people.


We welcome contributions on PSIT that cover any of the following areas of study:


public service interpreting translating

• Public Service Interpreting and Translation (PSIT) its relationship with the socio-political and economic environment

• Intercultural and interlinguistic mediation

• Multiculturalism and multilingualism

Linguistic resources and migrant population in the European Union

• Technological advances in PSIT

• Curriculum design and training in PSIT in humanitarian settings

• T & I in/with indigenous language/lesser used languages ​​

Language policies in African communities

• PSIT as a tool/strategy/way to favor inclusion in society


Empirical and theoretical studies are welcome, especially if interdisciplinary approaches are adopted.


Prospective authors are invited to send their proposals in the form of abstracts of 250-350 words (excluding references) in MS Word format to Elena Alcalde Peñalver ( by June 30th, 2020.


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Área temática:Traducción
Plazo de envío de propuestas: hasta el 30 de junio de 2020
Notificación de contribuciones aceptadas:15 de julio de 2020

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Elena Alcalde Peñalver
Universidad de Alcalá (España)