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Infoling 3.51 (2023)
Title:Basic Concepts in Sociolinguistics. Book III
Subtitle:The Social Correlates and Language Variation
Author:Joseph, Smita
Year of Publication:2023
Place of Publication:Munich

Basic Concepts in Sociolinguistics. Book III looks at the social correlates of language variation, such as social class, gender, networks, and communities of practice (CosP). It also introduces linguistic politeness and ethnolinguistic vitality.


Basic Concepts in Sociolinguistics is a book series that will introduce learners to the basic concepts of sociolinguistics. The series consists of three books. Some of the topics discussed in the series, which are also key terms, are sociolinguistic variation, lexical variation, phonological variation, morphological variation, syntactic variation, language choice, vitality, regional dialect, social dialect, politeness, diglossia, shift, code-switching, pidgin, and creole.


- Book I introduces the learners to sociolinguistic variation. It will discuss the motivation for language variation and the different linguistic levels at which variation occurs, that is, lexical, phonological, morphological, and syntactic.

- Book II discusses the linguistic outcomes of multilingualism and language contact. It introduces the concept of a linguistic repertoire and the functional distribution of varieties in the repertoire. It also introduces the concepts of code-switching, pidgins, creoles, diglossia, and language shift.

- Book III, as mentioned above, looks at the social correlates of language variation.


The book series includes:

- Illustrations and graphics that will enable the learners to understand the concepts easily and through multiple examples,

- exercises after every section,

- explanation of the keywords,

- a theme-based division of the three-volume series,

- a jargon-free discussion of concepts and themes, and

- topics that can be easily understood by beginners.


This is a zero-level course that is meant for learners without any background in linguistics and/or sociolinguistics.  

Subject Area(s):Sociolingüística
Table of Contents

List of Figures


Introduction to the Book      


Unit 1  Vitality          


Unit 2  Regional dialect        


Unit 3  Social dialect 


Unit 4  Politeness-I    


Unit 5  Politeness-II

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