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Infoling 3.46 (2021)
Title:Mass and Count in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science
Author:Moltmann, Friederike
Year of Publication:2020
Place of Publication:Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Publisher:John Benjamins

The mass-count distinction is a morpho-syntactic distinction among nouns that is generally taken to have semantic content. This content is generally taken to reflect a conceptual, cognitive, or ontological distinction and relates to philosophical and cognitive notions of unity, identity, and counting. The mass-count distinction is certainly one of the most interesting and puzzling topics in syntax and semantics that bears on ontology and cognitive science. In many ways, the topic remains under-researched, though, across languages and with respect to particular phenomena within a given language, with respect to its connection to cognition, and with respect to the way it may be understood ontologically. This volume aims to contribute to some of the gaps in the research on the topic, in particular the relation between the syntactic mass-count distinction and semantic and cognitive distinctions, diagnostics for mass and count, the distribution and role of numeral classifiers, abstract mass nouns, and object mass nouns (furniture, police force, clothing).

Subject Area(s):Filosofía del lenguaje, Lingüística cognitiva, Morfología, Semántica, Sintaxis
Series or CollectionLanguage Faculty and Beyond, 16
Format:libro impreso
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Fecha de publicación en Infoling:29 de March de 2021