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Authors: Gibson, Mark; Gil, Juana, eds.
Title: Romance Phonetics and Phonology
Year of Publication: 2018
Place of Publication: Oxford, UK
Publisher: Oxford University Press

El volumen explora diversos temas que son recurrentes en el ámbito de la fonética y de la fonología románicas y que van desde el análisis de los procesos automáticos de bajo nivel implicados en la producción y la percepción del habla, hasta el estudio de las representaciones de más alto nivel y de su computación, a partir de datos extraídos de distintas lenguas románicas y de sus diferentes variedades.

Subject Area(s): Phonetics, Phonology

Table of Contents


1. Romance sounds: New insights for old issues. Mark Gibson / Juana Gil

Part I. Acoustic Studies

2. Rhotic variation in Spanish codas: Acoustic analysis and effects of context in spontaneous speech. Beatriz Blecua / Jordi Cicres

3. The phonetics of Italian anaphonesis: Between production and perception. Silvia Calamai

4. A crosslinguistic study of voiceless fricative sibilants in Galician and European Portuguese. Xosé Luis Regueira / Mª José Ginzo

5. Acoustic realization of vowels as a function of syllable position: A crosslinguistic study with data from French and Spanish. Cédric Gendrot / Martine Adda-Decker / Fabián Santiago.

Part II. Articulatory Studies

6. An articulatory account of rhotic variation in Tuscan Italian: Synchronized UTI and EPG data. Chiara Celata / Alessandro Vietti / Lorenzo Spreafico

7. Vowels and diphthongs: The articulatory and acoustic structure of Romanian nuclei. Ioana Chitoran / Stefania Marin

8. Temporal organization of three-consonants onsets in Romanian. Stefania Marin

9. Articulatory setting, articulatory symmetry, and production mechanisms for Catalan consonants sequences. Daniel Recasens / Meritxell Mira

Part III. Studies in Perception

10. Perceptual cues for individual voice quality. Marianela Fernández / José Manuel Rojo

11. Perception of lexical stress in Spanish L2 by French speakers. Joaquim Llisterri / Sandra Schwab

12. Brazilian Portuguese rhotics in poem reciting: Perceptual, acoustic and meaning-related issues. Sandra Madureira

13. Perceived phrasing in French: A survey of some sentence structures. Caroline L. Smith

Part IV. Phonological Issues

14. Modeling assimilation: The case of sibilant voicing in Spanish. Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza

15. Adjusting to the syllable margins: Glides in Catalan and Spanish. Jesús Jiménez / Maria-Rosa Lloret / Clàudia Pons-Moll

16. Galician mid-vowel reduction: A Stratal Optimality Theory account. Fernando Martínez-Gil

Part V. Studies in Acquisition

17. Language proximity and speech perception in young bilinguals: Revisiting the trajectory of infants from Spanish-Catalan contexts. Laura Bosch

18. Production and perception in the acquisition of Spanish and Portuguese. Jaydene Elvin / Polina Vasiliev / Paola Escudero

19. Production of French close rounded vowels by Spanish learners: A corpus-based study. Isabelle Racine / Sylvain Detey

20. Phonetic behavior in proficient bilinguals: Insights from the Catalan-Spanish contact situation. Miquel Simonet


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