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Author: Vietri, Simonetta
Title: Idiomatic Constructions in Italian
Subtitle: A Lexicon-Grammar approach
Year of Publication: 2014
Place of Publication: Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Publisher: John Benjamins

This study is devoted to the analysis of Italian idioms with either ordinary or support verbs (also called light verbs). The research focuses on the exhaustive description of idioms, and is based on their systematic classification according to the principles of the Lexicon-Grammar methodology developed by Maurice Gross (1975, 1979 and further). A thorough examination of the literature shows strong disagreement on the acceptability of some idiomatic constructions. For this reason, the Web was used as a corpus to verify judgments on the supposed ungrammatical constructions. This approach showed that idiomatic constructions which have always been considered ungrammatical are instead perfectly acceptable if contextualized. The results obtained include the following: passive is not a "special case" when it concerns idioms, and idiomatic constructions show the same complexity as non-idiomatic constructions.




“Prof. Vietri's study demonstrates the continuity between idiomatic and non-idiomatic expressions: her extensive collection of corpus examples shows that semantic opacity, syntactic flexibility, and lexical specificity are scalar properties. Hence, contrary to what has been assumed in most work in theoretical syntax, idioms are not categorically different from other constructions. This book will be the definitive work on Italian idioms for years to come.”
Tom Wasow

Subject Area(s): Corpus linguistics, Lexicography, Syntax

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Ambiguity and creativity
Chapter 2. Compositionality and syntactic productivity
Chapter 3. The Lexicon-Grammar of Italian idioms
Chapter 4. Passive
Chapter 5. Si-constructions
Chapter 6. Adjectival passive
Chapter 7. Subject idioms
Chapter 8. Other syntactic constructions
Chapter 9. Modification
Chapter 10. Comparative constructions
Chapter 11. Derived nominals and VC compounds
Chapter 12. Nominalizations and passive
Chapter 13. Idioms with support verbs
Chapter 14. Natural language processing
Annex 1. The passive of tirare
Annex 2: Idioms and "body-parts" nouns
Annex 3: Classification and notations


Series or Collection: Lingvisticæ Investigationes Supplementa, 31
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 259
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