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Author: Mereu Keating, Carla
Title: The Politics of Dubbing
Subtitle: Film Censorship and State Intervention in the Translation of Foreign Cinema in Fascist Italy
Year of Publication: 2016
Place of Publication: Frankfurt am Main
Publisher: Peter Lang

During the late 1920s and the 1930s, the Italian government sought various commercial and politically oriented solutions to cope with the advent of new sound technologies in cinema. The translation of foreign-language films became a recurrent topic of ongoing debates surrounding the use of the Italian language, the rebirth of the national film industry and cinema’s mass popularity.

Through the analysis of state records and the film trade press, The Politics of Dubbing explores the industrial, ideological and cultural factors that played a role in the government’s support for dubbing. The book outlines the evolution of film censorship regulation in Italy and its interplay with film translation practices, discusses the reactions of Mussolini’s administration to early Italian-language talkies produced abroad and documents the state’s role in initiating and encouraging Italians’ habit of watching dubbed films.

Subject Area(s): Translation studies

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1
Film Censorship and the Translation of Silent Cinema: An Overview

Chapter 2
A Damaging Foreign Competition: The State and the Production of Italian Talkies Abroad

Chapter 3
With Italian Voice and Soul: Political Involvement in the Translation of Films

Chapter 4
Unrecorded Censorship: From Preventive Control to Manipulated Dubbings

Chapter 5
The Dubbing Debate: The Translation of Films, the Press and the Public



Series or Collection: New Trends in Translation Studies, 20
Pages: 180
ISBN-13: 9783034318389
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