Oferta de trabajoInfoling 2.25 (2020)

Universidad, Empresa:Universidad de Navarra
Departamento:Instituto Cultura y Sociedad (ICS). Proyecto "Cultura emocional e identidad" (CEMID)
Lugar de trabajo:Pamplona
Cargo:Research Fellow
Especialidad:Ciencia cognitiva, Lingüística cognitiva, Lingüística computacional


1. Position offered by:


Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), Emotional Culture and Identity (CEMID) Project, University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain)

https://www.unav.edu/en/web/instituto-cultura-y-sociedad/cultura-emocional-e-identidad" target="_blank">https://www.unav.edu/en/web/instituto-cu...


2. CEMID description and job objectives


The inclusion of the emotional element in almost every academic field strongly reflects the active presence of emotions in all spheres of human and social life. Against this cultural background, the main aim of CEMID is to diagnose contemporary societies through the lens of the increasing relevance of emotions.


Along these lines, the project seeks to appoint an outstanding researcher who may contribute to understand the cognitive and affective dimensions of human-machine interaction, as well as the social challenges encompassed by the future consolidation of the so-called hybrid societies. The recruited researcher will actively contribute to an interdisciplinary team of scholars coming from Sociology, Philosophy, Linguistic Pragmatics, Language and Cognition, Communication Studies and Literature.


3. What do we offer?

  • Work contract as Research Fellow for one year extendable.

  • Salary and benefits in accordance with qualifications and experience.

4. Candidate requirements


Candidates are required to:


(a) hold a PhD in Linguistics, with a required focus on applications in human-machine interaction (possible secondary interests: Cognitive Science, Psychology, Natural Language Processing or Computer Science);


(b) show an excellent record of international research and publications.


Candidates should have a very high competency in English. Knowledge of Spanish is not compulsory—but the candidate’s competency or willingness to learn this language will be considered an asset.


5. Areas of expertise


Primary: Linguistics

Secondary: Natural Language Processing, Human-Machine Interaction, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science


6. How to apply


Interested candidates should provide the following documentation:


(a) A cover letter.

(b) CV (with complete contact details).

(c) Research statement (including methodology, objectives, and expected results) on how the candidate will contribute with his/her expertise on the abovementioned fields (see §5) to already existing CEMID research (max. 3 pages).

(d) Complete contact details (name, title, mail and telephone) for three referees.


All documents should be submitted via email to CEMID researchers Ana Marta González (agonzalez@unav.es) and Inés Olza (iolzamor@unav.es).


Further information: 

Ana Marta González (CEMID Principal Investigator)

E-mail: agonzalez@unav.es

Phone: +34 948 42 56 00


Fecha límite para la presentación de candidaturas: hasta el:1 de abril de 2020
Forma de envío de la candidatura:
  Correo-e:agonzalez@unav.es; iolzamor@unav.es
  Persona de contacto:Ana Marta González
  Correo-e de contacto:agonzalez@unav.es
  Teléfono de contacto:+34 948 42 56 00
Remitente:Inés Olza
Institución: Universidad de Navarra
Correo-e: <iolzamorunav.es>
Fecha de publicación en Infoling:14 de febrero de 2020