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Título:The Handbook of Language Contact, 2nd Edition
Autor/a:Hickey, Raymond
Año de publicación:2020

The second edition of the definitive reference on contact studies and linguistic change provides extensive new research and original case studies.


Language contact is a dynamic area of contemporary linguistic research that studies how language changes when speakers of different languages interact. Accessibly structured into three sections, The Handbook of Language Contact explores the role of contact studies within the field of linguistics, the value of contact studies for language change research, and the relevance of language contact for sociolinguistics. This authoritative volume presents original findings and fresh research directions from an international team of prominent experts. Thirty-seven specially-commissioned chapters cover a broad range of topics and case studies of contact from around the world. 


Now in its second edition, this valuable reference has been extensively updated with new chapters on topics including globalization, language acquisition, creolization, code-switching, and genetic classification. Fresh case studies examine Romance, Indo-European, African, Mayan, and many other languages in both the past and the present. Addressing the major issues in the field of language contact studies, this volume: 

  • Includes a representative sample of individual studies which re-evaluate the role of language contact in the broader context of language and society

  • Offers 23 new chapters written by leading scholars

  • Examines language contact in different societies, including many in Africa and Asia

  • Provides a cross-section of case studies drawing on languages across the world

The Handbook of Language Contact, Second Edition is an indispensable resource for researchers, scholars, and students involved in language contact, language variation and change, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, and language theory.

Temática:Lingüística histórica, Otras especialidades

Notes on Contributors 



Language Contact and Linguistic Research 
Raymond Hickey


Part I – Contact, Contact Studies, and Linguistics 

1 Contact Explanations in Linguistics 
Sarah Thomason


2 Contact, Bilingualism, and Diglossia 
Lotfi Sayahi


3 Language Contact and Change through Child First Language Acquisition 
Carmel O’Shannessy and Lucinda Davidson


4 Contact and Grammaticalization 
Bernd Heine and Tania Kuteva


5 Contact and Language Convergence 
Anthony P. Grant


6 Contact and Linguistic Typology 
Oliver Bond, Helen Sims‐Williams, and Matthew Baerman


7 Contact and Language Shift 
Raymond Hickey


8 Contact and Lexical Borrowing 
Philip Durkin


9 Contact and Code‐Switching 
Penelope Gardner‐Chloros


10 Contact and Mixed Languages 
Peter Bakker


11 Contact and Sociolinguistic Variation 
Maya Ravindranath Abtahian and Jonathan Kasstan


12 Contact and New Varieties 
Paul Kerswill


13 Contact in the City 
Heike Wiese


14 Linguistic Landscapes and Language Contact 
Kingsley Bolton, Werner Botha, and Siu‐Lun Lee


Part II – Case Studies of Contact 


15 Contact and Early Indo‐European in Europe 
Bridget Drinka


16 Contact and the History of Germanic Languages 
Paul Roberge


17 Contact in the History of English 
Robert McColl Millar


18 Contact and the Development of American English 
Joseph C. Salmons and Thomas Purnell


19 Contact and African Englishes
Rajend Mesthrie


20 Contact and Caribbean Creoles
Edgar W. Schneider and Raymond Hickey


21 Contact and the Romance Languages 
John Charles Smith


22 Contact and Spanish in the Pacific 
Eeva Sippola


23 Contact and Portuguese‐Lexified Creoles 
Hugo C. Cardoso


24 Contact and the Celtic Languages 
Joseph F. Eska


25 Contact and the Slavic Languages 
Lenore A. Grenoble


26 Contact and the Finno‐Ugric Languages 
Johanna Laakso


27 Language Contact in the Balkans
Brian D. Joseph


28 Turkic Language Contacts
Lars Johanson, Éva Á. Csató, and Birsel Karakoc


29 Contact and Afroasiatic Languages
Zygmunt Frajzyngier and Erin Shay


30 Contact and North American Languages
Marianne Mithun


31 Contact and Mayan Languages
Danny Law


32 Contact and South American Languages
Lyle Campbell, Thiago Chacon, and John Elliott


33 Contact among African Languages
Klaus Beyer


34 Contact and Siberian Languages
Brigitte Pakendorf


35 Language Contact: Sino‐Russian
Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Natalia Gurian, and Sergei Karpenko


36 Language Contact and Australian Languages
Jill Vaughan and Debbie Loakes


37 Contact Languages of the Pacific
Jeff Siegel



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