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Título:From Subordination to Insubordination
Subtítulo:A functional-pragmatic approach to if/si-constructions in English, French and Spanish spoken discourse
Autor/a:Lastres-López, Cristina
Año de publicación:2021
Lugar de edición:Berna (Suiza)
Editorial:Peter Lang

This book explores if/si-constructions in spoken English, French and Spanish, from a functional-pragmatic and corpus-based perspective. The analysis comprises instances of subordination, namely, conditional constructions – including prototypical cause-consequence patterns as well as other conditionals in which the conditional meaning is weaker – and cases of insubordination introduced by if and si. The theoretical framework is based on the three metafunctions distinguished in Systemic Functional Linguistics, and the data analysed are retrieved from parliamentary discourse and conversations corpora. The examination of conditional constructions and cases of insubordination in parallel offers new light on the characterization of if/si-constructions and their uses and functions in interaction.

Temática:Análisis del discurso, Lingüística de corpus, Pragmática, Semántica, Sintaxis

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1. Introduction

1.1 Research questions 

1.2 Overview of the book 


2. Literature review and theoretical framework

2.1 Literature review 

2.1.1 Prior research on conditional constructions Classical approaches to conditionals Research on conditionals from a functional-pragmatic perspective Research on conditionals from a contrastive perspective Research on conditionals from a corpus-based perspective 

2.1.2 Prior research on insubordination Defining insubordination The development of insubordination A focus on insubordination in English, French and Spanish

2.2 Theoretical framework


3. Corpora and methodology 

3.1 Biber’s (1988) multi-dimensional model of register analysis 

3.2 Corpora of parliamentary discourse

3.2.1 Description of the corpora

3.2.2 Process of data extraction 

3.3 Corpora of conversations

3.3.1 Description of the corpora

3.3.2 Process of data extraction


4. Case studies

4.1 Conditional subordination 

4.1.1 Case study I: parliamentary discourse Variables examined for the analysis of conditionals in parliament Metafunction Degree of likelihood Position Markedness of the apodosis Modal in the apodosis Summary and conclusions from parliamentary discourse 

4.1.2 Case study II: conversations Variables examined for the analysis of conditionals in conversation Metafunction A focus on interpersonal conditionals Degree of likelihood Position Markedness of the apodosis Modal in the apodosis Summary and conclusions from conversation

4.1.3 Interim discussion: Cross-register results 

4.2 Insubordination 

4.2.1 Case study III: insubordination Discourse functions Requests Suggestions Offers Wishes Assertions/exclamations Complaints Summary and conclusions from insubordination


5. General discussion and conclusions

5.1 Comparing the functional-pragmatic properties of conditionals and insubordinate if/si-clauses

5.2 If/si-constructions and pragmaticalization

5.3 If/si-constructions and decategorialization

5.4 Summary and concluding remarks


6. Suggestions for further research



Appendix. Metadata and contextual information of the conversations analysed

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