Novedad bibliográficaInfoling 8.15 (2021)

Título:Perspectives on the L2 Phrasicon
Subtítulo:The View from Learner Corpora
Autor/a:Granger, Sylviane
Año de publicación:2021
Lugar de edición:Bristol (Reino Unido)
Editorial:Multilingual Matters

This is the very first book to investigate the field of phraseology from a learner corpus perspective, bringing together studies at the cutting edge of corpus-based research into phraseology and language learners. The chapters include learner-corpus-based studies of phraseological units in varieties of learner language differentiated in terms of task and/or learner variables, compared with each other or with one or more reference corpora; mixed-methods studies that combine learner corpus data with more experimental data types (e.g. eyetracking); and instruction-oriented studies that show how learner-corpus-based insights can be used to inform second language (L2) teaching and testing. The detailed analysis of a wide range of multiword units (collocations, lexical bundles, lexico-grammatical patterns) and extensive learner corpus data provide the reader with a comprehensive theoretical, methodological and applied perspective onto L2 use in a wide range of situations. The knowledge gained from these learner corpus studies has major implications for L2 theory and practice and will help to inform pedagogical assessment and practice.

Temática:Español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Español como segunda lengua (EL2)



Part 1: Introduction

1. Sylviane Granger: Phraseology, Corpora and L2 Research


Part 2: The Learner Phrasicon: Synchronic Approaches


2. Signe Oksefjell Ebeling and Hilde Hasselgård: The Functions of N-grams in Bilingual and Learner Corpora: An Integrated Contrastive Approach


3. Henrik Gyllstad and Per Snoder: Exploring Learner Corpus Data for Language Testing and Assessment Purposes: The Case of Verb + Noun Collocations


4. Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Sylviane Granger: The Passive and the Lexis-Grammar Interface: An Inter-varietal Perspective


Part 3: The Learner Phrasicon: Developmental Approaches


5. Rachel Rubin, Alex Housen and Magali Paquot: Phraseological Complexity as an Index of L2 Dutch Writing Proficiency: A Partial Replication Study


6. Kristopher Kyle and Masaki Eguchi: Automatically Assessing Lexical Sophistication Using Word, Bigram, and Dependency Indices


7. Vaclav Brezina and Lorrae Fox: Adjective + Noun Collocations in L2 and L1 Speech: Evidence from the Trinity Lancaster Corpus and the Spoken BNC2014


8. Taha Omidian, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Stefania Spina: Development of Formulaic Knowledge in Learner Writing: A Longitudinal Perspective


9. Marco Schilk: Tracing Collocation in Learner Production and Processing: Integrating Corpus Linguistic and Experimental Approaches


Part 4: Postface


10. David Singleton: Phrasicon, Phrase, Phraseology



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