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Título:Lexical Semantics for Terminology
Subtítulo:An introduction
Autor/a:L'Homme, Marie-Claude
Año de publicación:2020
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam
Editorial:John Benjamins

Lexical Semantics for Terminology: An introduction explores the interconnections between lexical semantics and terminology. More specifically, it shows how principles borrowed from lexico-semantic frameworks and methodologies derived from them can help understand terms and describe them in resources. It also explains how lexical analysis complements perspectives primarily focused on knowledge. Topics such as term identification, meaning, polysemy, relations between terms, and equivalence are discussed thoroughly and illustrated with examples taken from various fields of knowledge.


This book is an indispensable companion for those who are interested in words and work with specialized terms, e.g. terminologists, translators, lexicographers, corpus linguists. A background in terminology or lexical semantics is not required since all notions are defined and explained. This book complements other textbooks on terminology that do not focus on lexical semantics per se.

Temática:Lexicografía, Lexicología, Lingüística cognitiva, Semántica, Terminología
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Chapter 1. Why apply lexical semantics in terminology?



Chapter 2. Terminology



Chapter 3. Lexical semantics for terminology



Chapter 4. What is a term?



Chapter 5. Concepts, meaning and polysemy



Chapter 6. Predicative terms, participants and arguments



Chapter 7. Relations between concepts and terms



Chapter 8. Discovering structures in specialized domains



Chapter 9. Equivalence in terminology




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