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Título:Negotiating Identity in Modern Foreign Language Teaching
Autor/a:Gallardo Barbarroja, Matilde
Año de publicación:2019
Editorial:Palgrave Macmillan

This edited book examines modern foreign language teachers who research their own and others’ experiences of identity construction in the context of living and teaching in UK institutions, primarily in the Higher Education sector. The book offers an insight into a key element of the educational and socio-political debate surrounding MFL in the UK: the teachers’ voices and their sense of agency in constructing their professional identities. The contributors use a combination of empirical research and personal reflection to generate knowledge about MFL teachers’ identity that can enhance how they are perceived in the social and educational establishments and raise awareness of key issues affecting the profession. This book will be of particular interest to language teachers, teacher trainers, applied linguists and students and scholars of modern foreign languages.

  • Showcases empirical research and autobiographical narrative on the topic of MFL teachers’ construction of identity in professional contexts.

  • Brings together practitioners from a range of cross-institutional and crossdepartmental backgrounds.

  • Focuses on transnational MFL teachers’ negotiation of identity in the UK higher education sector.

  • Represents an original contribution to the field in the current climate of the decline of modern languages as a subject of study in the UK.

Temática:Antropología lingüística, Español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Español como segunda lengua (EL2)

1. Introduction to Negotiating Identity in Modern Foreign Language Teaching

Matilde Gallardo


2. Transcultural Voices: Exploring Notions of Identity in Transnational Language Teachers’ Personal Narratives

Matilde Gallardo


3. Language Teacher/Translator Gendered Identity Construction – from Dilemmatic to Agentive. Big Lives through Small Stories

Tanya Linaker


4.  ‘When I Am Teaching German, I Put on a Persona’: Exploring Lived Experiences of Teaching a Foreign Language

M. Luisa Pérez Cavana


5.  Becoming a Language Professional in Higher Education: a Psycho-social Case Study Donata Puntil


6. Modern Language Teacher Identity Formation through Engagement with Exploratory Practice. The Future will Tell

Assia Slimani-Rolls


7. How a Community of Practice Shapes a Modern Foreign Language Teacher’s Views of Herself as a Teacher over Time and Space: a Biographical Case Study

Christina Richardson


 8. Constructing Hybrid Identities in the Language Classroom

Lorenza Boscaini, Debora Quattrocchi


9.  The Journey to Becoming a Language Teacher: Motivation and Engagement with the Process of Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Laura Puente Martin, Susanne Winchester





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