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Título:Ideas on Language in Early Latin Christianity
Subtítulo:From Tertullian to Isidore of Seville
Autor/a:Denecker, Tim
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Leiden

In Ideas on Language in Early Latin Christianity, Tim Denecker investigates, in a comprehensive and systematic way, the views held on the history, diversity and properties of language(s) by Christian Latin authors from Tertullian (b. c. 160) to Isidore of Seville (d. 636). This historical period witnessed various sociocultural changes, affecting linguistic situations and the ways in which these were perceived. Christian intellectuals were confronted with languages other than Latin in the context of the propagation of faith, and in reflecting on language were bound to comply with the relevant biblical accounts. Whereas previous research has mostly focused on the (indeed vital) contribution of Augustine, the present study reveals the diversified and dynamic nature of linguistic reection in early Latin Christianity.



All interested in the views held on language(s) by early Christian Latin authors, and in the intellectual and cultural history of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages more generally.

Temática:Filosofía del lenguaje, Historia de la lingüística, Historiografía lingüística, Teorías lingüísticas



The Origin and Nature of Language


The Primeval Situation


The Origin of Linguistic Diversity


Appraisals and Uses of Linguistic Diversity


Appraisals and Uses of Multilingual Competence


Interpretations and Uses of ‘Unnatural’ Multilingual Competence


The Language Level


The Sentence Level


The Word Level


The Letter Level


Overview and Conclusion



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