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Título:Summer School in Romance Linguistics: Romance languages in the Americas and in Africa
Entidad organizadora:Universidad de Graz
Lugar de celebración:Graz, Austria
Fecha de inicio:18 de septiembre de 2022
Fecha de finalización:24 de septiembre de 2022
Circular Nº:1
Contacto:Katharina Gerhalter,

The Summer School focuses on the Romance languages in the Americas and in Africa. During a preliminary online phase (1st to 14th September 2022), students will receive an introduction to the overall topic and to the historical background of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian in Africa and in the Americas. During the Summer School itself, held in Graz from 18th to 24th September 2022, various classes, for example concerned with morphosyntax, lexicon and language contact, will be taught by renowned experts in an interactive environment. Students will also work in small groups on their own to carry out guided research tasks on specific topics of the classes, supervised by the teaching personnel.


This Summer School is multilingual and will be held in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese (English only serving as a vehicular) aiming at the intercomprehension skills of the participating students.



Preliminary online phase: 1–14 September 2022

Presential classes: 18–24 September 2022



University of Graz, Austria; Department of Romance Studies


Target group:


Advanced Bachelor students and Master students of the Romance languages


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participation is free, apart from travel and accomodation

Área temática:Fonética, Lenguas indígenas o de fuerte tradición oral y/o transmisión comunitaria, Lexicografía, Lexicología, Lingüística de corpus, Lingüística románica, Morfología, Pragmática, Semántica, Sintaxis, Sociolingüística, Variedades del español

Teaching personnel and course topics:

  • Miguel Gutiérrez-Maté (Augsburg): Portuguese in Angola – Morphosyntax and Language contact

  • Roxana Sobrino Triana (Bergen): Spanish in the Caribbean – Sociolinguistics, Lexicon, and Linguistic Attitudes

  • Soledad Chávez Fajardo (Santiago de Chile): Spanish in Chile – History of the Lexicon

  • Roberta D’Alessandro (Utrecht): Italo-Romance in the Americas – Emigrant varieties under scrutiny

  • Martin Hummel (Graz) & Victor Lara Bermejo (Cádiz): Portuguese and Spanish address forms in America and Africa

  • David Porcel Bueno (Granada): Adverbials with preposition and adjective (P+A) in American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese: a lexicographical approach

Comité científico

Katharina Gerhalter (Universität Graz) katharina.gerhalter(at)

Stefan Koch (Universität Graz) stefan.koch(at)


Comité organizador

Katharina Gerhalter (Universität Graz) 

Stefan Koch (Universität Graz) 

Lengua(s) oficial(es) del evento:

español, italiano, portugués

Remitente:Katharina Gerhalter
Institución: Universidad de Graz
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Fecha de publicación en Infoling:31 de mayo de 2022