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Título:CFP ProfNER shared task: Identification of professions & occupations in Spanish Health-related Social Media (SMM4H at NAACL) (ProfNER SMM4H-NAACL)
Entidad organizadora:BSC
Lugar de celebración:Mexico City, México
Fecha de celebración:10 de junio de 2021
Circular Nº:1
Contacto:Martin Krallinger (BSC),

We are organizing the first shared task specifically focusing on named entity recognition of professions & occupations in Social Media in Spanish. Specifically, we focus on Twitter data related to Covid-19 and lock-downs. ProfNER is part of The Social Media Mining for Health Applications (#SMM4H) Shared Task 2021.


Task motivation

Some workers are at the forefront of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Detecting vulnerable occupations is critical to prepare preventive measures related to exposure to the virus as well as indirect mental health issues due to fear of infection, confinement, etc.

NLP systems benefit from recent NLP technologies such as transformers, novel language technologies and transfer learning and from the vast production of real-time data in social media.

Following the previous organization of shared task with high impact with a considerable number of participants [Cantemist], [CodiEsp], [Meddocan] we are organizing the ProfNER track. It promotes the development of profession & occupation-related text mining resources in Spanish social media due to the special relevance of professions in the definition of at-risk groups.

Systems capable of automatically processing social media texts are of interest to the medical user community, researchers, the pharmaceutical industry as well as patients. The detection of profession & occupation information is relevant for general NLP, occupational data mining, etc.

Competing systems have the potential to generalize to alike use cases in other content types such as medical reports and in other languages.


The ProfNER sub-tracks

Tweet binary classification: Participants must determine whether a tweet contains a mention of occupation, or not.


NER offset detection and classification: Participants must find the beginning and end of occupation mentions and classify them in the corresponding category


Key information

ProfNER web:




Important dates

Dec, 15: Training & Development set release

Feb, 15: Validation set submission due [Required]

Mar, 1: Test set & background set release

Mar, 4: Test set predictions due

Mar, 15: System descriptions due

Apr, 1: Acceptance notification

Apr, 12: Camera-ready system descriptions

June 6–11: NAACL 2021 conference


Publications and workshop

Each participating team will have the opportunity to submit a system description which will be published as part of the shared task proceedings.

The 6th SMM4H Workshop, co-located at NAACL 2021. More details are available at

Área temática:Lingüística computacional, Lingüística de corpus
Comité científico

Olivier Bodenreider, US National Library of Medicine, USA

Kevin Cohen, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA

Robert Leaman, US National Library of Medicine, USA

Diego Molla, Macquarie University, Australia

Zhiyong Lu, US National Library of Medicine, USA

Azadeh Nikfarjam, Apple, USA

Thierry Poibeau, French National Center for Scientific Research, France

Kirk Roberts, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, USA

Yutaka Sasaki, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

H. Andrew Schwartz, Stony Brook University, USA

Nicolas Turenne, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Karin Verspoor, University of Melbourne, Australia

Pierre Zweigenbaum, French National Center for Scientific Research, France

Comité organizador

Track Organizers

Martin Krallinger, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Antonio Miranda-Escalada, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Eulàlia Farré, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Salvador Lima, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain


SMM4H Organizers

Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Davy Weissenbacher, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Ari Z. Klein, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Karen O’Connor, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Abeed Sarker, Emory University, USA

Elena Tutubalina, Kazan Federal University, Russia

Zulfat Miftahutdinov, Kazan Federal University, Russia

Ilsear Alimova, Kazan Federal University, Russia

Martin Krallinger, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Juan Banda, Georgia State University, USA

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Remitente:Martin Krallinger
Institución: Barcelona Supercomputing center (BSC)
Correo-e: <>
Fecha de publicación en Infoling:9 de febrero de 2021