Curso de PosgradoInfoling 3.14 (2019)

Título:Multilingual Communication Technology
Universidad o entidad organizadora:Université de Genève, Department of Translation technology
Fecha de inicio:1 de septiembre de 2019
Fecha de finalización:1 de enero de 2021
Contacto:Nicole Stoll,
DescripciónThe master in Multilingual Communication Technology is geared towards people who are passionate about both languages and computer science. This programme will help you develop the necessary technical and linguistic skills to handle multilingual information, for example by creating websites in multiple languages, managing writing, translation or localisation projects, using translation technology, managing terminology, or conducting multilingual information research. It does not matter what your native language is, but you must be able to work in French and English.

This programme is based on four main subjects: translation project management and quality control (develop, carry out and evaluate multilingual projects); information and communication technology (finding and handling multilingual information); localisation and webmastering (creating multilingual content online); and translation technology (implementing and evaluating translation technology, and managing terminology). It includes a wide variety of theoretical and practical courses that are strongly rooted in the professional world. The programme includes a mandatory internship, as well as a master's thesis, which provides an introduction to research work and can be related to your internship.
Área temática:Lingüística computacional, Lingüística de corpus, Otras especialidades, Técnicas de comunicación, Terminología
Remitente:Sabrina Girletti
Institución: Université de Genève
Correo-e: <>
Fecha de publicación en Infoling:9 de marzo de 2019

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