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Infoling 8.21 (2022)
Nombre del recurso:New Catalan corpus available online: caGLOBE Corpus

From: Jiajin Xu, Corpora-List


Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce a new corpus of present-day Catalan. The caGLOBE Corpus (Version 1.1) is a balanced collection of contemporary Catalan written texts, totaling one million words. The text samples in the corpus were gathered and cleaned up by Wei Sun (School of Hispanic and Portuguese Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China).

The online version of the caGLOBE Corpus is available at

Both user ID and passcode are 'test'.

More information can be found at


Jiajin XU, Ph.D., Professor
National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, Beijing Foreign
Studies University, China

Área temática:Lingüística de corpus

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:25 de agosto de 2022