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Infoling 8.12 (2023)
Título:Exercise Manual for Introductory Linguistics Courses
Autor/a:Danesi, Marcel
Año de publicación:2023
Lugar de edición:München (Alemania)

As a manual for introductory linguistics courses, it is designed to provide a comprehensive set of elementary exercises on the main areas of basic linguistic analysis—phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The manual follows the layout and content of the five volumes in Lincom’s Introductory Texts in Linguistics series.  But they can also be used for any course in linguistics as a practical exercise manual. For this reason, appendices are included that provide technical information or symbols. The manual focuses on basic approaches to the study of language, avoiding a focus on any particular school of linguistics.

Temática:Fonética, Fonología, Morfología, Pragmática, Semántica, Sintaxis

1. Exercises in Phonology

1.1  Phonetic Transcription

1.2 Phonemic Analysis

1.3 Distinctive Feature Analysis

1.4 Syllables

1.5 Allophones

1.6 Historical Phonology

1.7 Writing, Spelling, Pronunciation

1.8 Sound Symbolism


2. Exercises in Morphology

2.1 Morphological Analysis

2.2 Structure

2.3 Affixation

2.4 Allomorphs

2.5 Parts of Speech

2.6 Historical Morphology

2.7 Language Typology


3. Exercises in Syntax

3.1 Syntactic Structure

3.2 Tree Diagrams

3.3 Transformations

3.4 The Lexicon

3.5 Phrase Structure Rules

3.6 Cognitive Grammar

3.7 Grammatical Phenomena


4. Exercises in Semantics

4.1. Types of Meaning

4.2 Semantic Relations

4.3 Semantic Features and Lexical Fields

4.4 Prototype Semantics

4.5 Onomastics

4.6 Cognitive Semantics

4.7 Specialized Vocabularies


5. Exercises in Pragmatics

5.1 Utterances

5.2 Textual Grammar

5.3 Registers

5.4 Speech Acts

5.5 Conversations

5.6 Speech Functions

5.7 Slang and Jargon



ColecciónIntroductory Texts in Linguistics, 6
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