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Infoling 5.7 (2022)
Título:On the Discursive Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Europe.
Autores/as:Heinemann, Sabine; Helfrich, Uta; Visser, Judith
Año de publicación:2022
Lugar de edición:Berlín (Alemania)
Editorial:J. B. Metzler

Europe is the name for a scintillating variety of historically emerged concepts, constantly developed and discussed over time. Its complexity and fuzziness is reflected in a multitude of myths, topoi, symbols and boundaries, which all constitute shared knowledge of the concept of EUROPE and which continue to influence attempts to (de- and re-)construct European identity.


The case studies collected in this volume investigate the competing concepts of Europe in political and public discourses from a wide range of perspectives (e.g. frame semantics, discourse linguistics, multimodal analysis), focusing on the following aspects: How is Europe conceptualised, (re-)negotiated and legitimised by different political actors, political bodies and institutions? How does “the European idea” change throughout history and how is the re-emerging idea of nationality evaluated?

Temática:Ciencia cognitiva, Lingüística cognitiva, Pragmática, Retórica, Semántica

Sabine Heinemann / Uta Helfrich / Judith Visser
EUROPE under Construction: Introduction and Overview

Marina Bletsas
Founding Concepts: Metaphor and Metonymy in the (French) ECSC Treaty

Sabine Heinemann
The Conceptualisation of EUROPE in the Italian Press since the Early 20th Century

Uta Helfrich
Notre Europe a besoin d’une refondation – Macron’s Strategies of Political Re-Framing

Sara Matrisciano
From Brexit to Frentrance? The Brexit Discourse as an Arena for Language Battles

Elmar Schafroth
Pro-European and Anti-European Attitudes: Linguistic Analyses of the Discourse on Europe Based on German and French Newspapers

Silvia Sommella
The Fairy Tale Mental Model in Speeches by the Austrian FPӦ and the Italian Lega Right-Wing Populist Parties in the European
Parliament: A Contrastive Linguistic Analysis 


Judith Visser
Podemos, VOX and Ciudadanos – Spanish European Election Campaigns in Times of Crisis 

Verena Weiland
Linguistic Approaches to Discourse: A Multi-Layered Methodology Illustrated by the Example of the Discursive Construction and
Deconstruction of EUROPE after the 2015 Paris Terror Attacks

Johanna Wolf
RENEWAL vs REBUILDING: Concepts of EUROPE and how Twitter can Shape our Ideas about it

ColecciónLinguistik in Empirie und Theorie / Empirical and Theoretical Linguistics
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Fecha de publicación en Infoling:2 de mayo de 2022
Uta Helfrich
Universidad de Göttingen (Alemania)