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Infoling 4.66 (2017)
Título:Pragmatics of Fiction
Autores/as:Locher, Miriam A.; Jucker, Andreas H.
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Berlin
Editorial:De Gruyter Mouton
DescripciónPragmatics of Fiction provides systematic orientation in the emerging field of studying pragmatics with/in fictional data. It provides an authoritative and accessible overview of this versatile new field in its methodological and theoretical richness. Giving center stage to fictional language allows scholars to review key concepts in sociolinguistics such as genre, style, voice, stance, dialogue, participation structure or features of orality and literariness. The contributors explore language as one of the creative tools to craft story worlds and characters by drawing on concepts such as regional, social and ethnic language variation, as well as multilingualism. Themes such as emotion, taboo language or impoliteness in fiction receive attention just as the challenges of translation and dubbing, the creation of past and future languages, the impact of fictional language on language change or the fuzzy boundaries of narratives. Each contribution, written by a leading specialist, gives a succinct, representative and up-to-date overview of research questions, theories, methods and recent developments in the field.
Temática:Análisis del discurso, Pragmática, Semántica

1. Introducing Pragmatics of Fiction: Approaches, trends and developments
Andreas H. Jucker and Miriam A. Locher

I. Pragmatics of fiction as communication: Foundations

2. Participation structure in fictional discourse: Authors, scriptwriters, audiences and characters
Thomas C. Messerli

3. The pragmatics of the genres of fiction
Janet Giltrow

4. Fictional characterisation
Jonathan Culpeper and Carolina Fernandez-Quintanilla

5. The role of dialogue in fiction
Monika Bednarek

6. Narrative perspectives on voice in fiction
Christian R. Hoffmann

7. Pragmatics of style in fiction
Beatrix Busse

II. Features of orality and variation

8. Oral features in fiction
Wolfram Bublitz

9. Doing dialects in dialogues: Regional, social and ethnic variation in fiction
Gaëlle Planchenault

10. Multilingualism in fiction
Miriam A. Locher

11. The pragmatics of estrangement in fantasy and science fiction
Michael Adams

III. Pragmatic themes in fiction

12. Pragmatics and the translation of fiction
Roberto A. Valdeón

13. Subtitling and dubbing in telecinematic text
Marie-Noëlle Guillot

14. (Im)politeness in fiction
Urszula Kizelbach

15. (Im)politeness and telecinematic discourse
Marta Dynel

16. Stance in fiction
Daniela Landert

17. Language and emotion in fiction
Andreas Langlotz

18. Language change and fiction
Derek Denis and Sali A. Tagliamonte

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ColecciónHandbooks of Pragmatics, 12
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