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Infoling 4.17 (2023)
Título:Language Practices and Processes among Latin Americans in Europe
Autores/as:Márquez Reiter, Rosina; Patiño-Santos, Adriana
Año de publicación:2022
Lugar de edición:Reino Unido

Language Practices and Processes among Latin Americans in Europe is an innovative and thematically organised collection of studies dedicated to contemporary sociolinguistic research on Latin Americans across European contexts.


This book captures some of the language practices and experiences of Spanish-speaking Latin Americans (SsLAs) across various regions in Europe, addressing language uses, language ideologies, and experiences with languages in particular geographical contexts and settings across the ten chapters. The book provides a new lens to study the sociolinguistics of the migratory trajectories of Spanish-speaking Latin American migrants and the situated practices and processes in which they participate in their host societies.


The comprehensive volume will be of interest to researchers in the area of Spanish sociolinguistics, sociology of language, and language ideology.


Introduction: Language practices and processes among Latin Americans in Europe

Adriana Patiño-Santos and Rosina Márquez Reiter


1. (In)visible identities and inequities: The construction of Latinidad in European censuses

Jennifer Leeman


2. Mobility and Stasis: Migrant Portraits from a Madrid Market

Rosina Márquez Reiter


3. The Ecuadorian diaspora in Madrid and the conceptualization of sociolinguistic authenticity

Patricia Gubitosi, Daniela Narváez, and Christian Puma-Ninacuri


4. Sociolinguistic accommodation by Ecuadorian migrants in Granada (Spain)

Antonio Manjón-Cabeza Cruz


5. Becoming Latino in Barcelona: the role of stance in ethnogenesis

Michael Newman and Víctor Corona


6. Spanish-speaking Latin Americans in the market of Cayenne (French Guiana): multilingual practices, fuzzy borders and social positioning

Santiago Sánchez Moreano and Isabelle Léglise


7. Affect and emotions in the Hispanic Linguistic Landscape in Milan

Maria Vittoria Calvi


8. "Pride" and "Profit". The Values of Spanish as a Heritage Language among Latin Americans in the German-Speaking Switzerland

Yvette Bürki


9. Language experiences in diaspora across time: Two Spanish-Speaking Latin Americans in London

F. Daniel Morales Hernández


10. Snapshots of Spanish-speaking Latin American radio producers in London

Adriana Patiño-Santos


11. Language practices and processes among Latin Americans in Europe: Some closing thoughts on authenticity and belonging

David Block

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