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Infoling 2.27 (2023)
Título:Just Say It: International Workshop On Interpreting Technologies (SAY-IT)
Entidad organizadora:University of Malaga
Lugar de celebración:Online y Málaga, España
Fecha de inicio:5 de junio de 2023
Fecha de finalización:7 de junio de 2023
Circular Nº:2
Contacto:Universidad de Málaga,

*Upon popular request, SAY-IT 2023 will now be hybrid, which means that both attendees and participants will have the chance to choose whether they want to attend the workshop on site or online. Limited spots!*




We are pleased to announce Just say IT: International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies (SAY-IT 2023), which will take place at The Green Ray (University of Malaga, Spain), on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of June 2023. SAY-IT 2023 is a follow-up of the successful International Workshop on Interpreting Technologies, which also took place in Malaga in May 2022. SAY-IT 2023 will precede the 19th International Conference on Traducción, Texto e Interferencias (‘Translation, Text and Interferences’), also at the University of Malaga (Spain), from the 7th to the 9th of June 2023.


SAY-IT 2023 seeks to act as a meeting point for researchers working in interpreting-related technologies (CAI tools, machine interpreting, speech to text/speech translation, remote interpreting, etc.); practicing tech-savvy interpreters; companies and freelancers providing services in interpreting as well as companies developing tools for interpreters. In addition to the short papers for presentation, SAY-IT will feature invited talks by prominent experts as well as presentations and panels hosted by practitioners.


While language technologies have already made a major impact on the core tasks in the translation profession, the field of interpreting has not yet witnessed a fundamental paradigm shift on account of their use. Against such a background, SAY-IT seeks to fill in this gap by allowing the discussion, the scientific comparison, and the mutual enrichment of researchers and professionals working with interpreting-related technologies. In this regard, SAY-IT addresses the development of interpreting-related tools, and the experience interpreters have with these tools as well as the development of machine interpreting engines, incorporating (or not) human expertise. The workshop also offers a discussion forum and publishing opportunity for interpreters and for researchers and developers working on interpreting-related technology and machine interpreting.

Área temática:Humanidades digitales, Lingüística de corpus, Otras especialidades, Traducción

Day 1

9:00-9:30 Registration (Hall, The Green Ray)

9:30 Opening (Salón de Actos, The Green Ray)

10:00-11:00 Keynote 1: Daniela Eichmeyer-Hell (University of Vienna), “Speech-to-text Interpreting – interpreting embracing technology and accessibility”

11:00-11:30 Coffee break (Room 3.01, The Green Ray)

11:30-12:30 Keynote 2: Jan Niehues (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), “Automated Speech Translation: Challenges, Approaches and Research Directions”

12:30-13:30 Panel 1

13:30-15:30 Lunch break

15:30-16:30 Keynote 3: Pablo Romero Fresco (Universidade de Vigo), “Speech-to-text interpreting – The Road Ahead”

20:00 Gala dinner (Kaleido Malaga Port Restaurant)


Day 2

9:30-10:30 Panel 2

10:30-11:30 Keynote 4: Bart Defrancq (Ghent University), “The widening gap: technology and inequalities in interpreting”

11:30-12:00 Coffee break (Room 3.01, The Green Ray)

12:00-13:00 Keynote 5: Susana Rodríguez (Co-founder & CEO at KUNVENO), “SmarTerp-CAI: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…”

13:00-14:00 Panel 3

14:00-16:00 Lunch break

16:00-17:00 Keynote 6: Marcin Feder (European Parliament), “Live speech-to-text and machine translation tool for 24 languages”


Day 3

10:00-11:00 Seminar 1: Lexytrad (University of Malaga), “Introduction to VIP: a voice-text integrated system for interpreters”

11:00-11:30 Coffee break (Room 3.01, The Green Ray)

11:30-13:00 Seminar 2: Lexytrad (University of Malaga), “VIP hands-on session”

13:00-14:00 Round table with invited speakers and programme committee

14:00-16:00 Lunch break

16:00-17:00 Keynote 7: Fardad Zabeitan (Co-founder & CEO at KUDO), “Mind-Blowing AI: how can we make it a force for good?”

Comité científico


Gloria Corpas Pastor, University of Malaga

Carlos Manuel Hidalgo Ternero, University of Malaga


Programme Commitee

July De Wilde, Ghent University

Purificación Fernández Nistal, University of Valladolid

Estefanía Flores Acuña, University of Malaga

Raquel Lázaro Gutiérrez, University of Alcala

Eva Leitner, University of Austria

Óscar Loureda, University of Heidelberg

Ruslan Mitkov, University of Wolverhampton

Johanna Monti, “L’Orientale” University of Naples

Constantin Orasan, University of Surrey

María Teresa Ortego Antón, University of Valladolid

Sonja Pöllabauer, Universität Wien

Encarnación Postigo Pinazo, University of Malaga

Esperanza Macarena Pradas Macías, University of Granada

Francesco Saina, SSML Carlo Bo / San Domenico de Roma

María del Mar Sánchez Ramos, University of Alcala

Míriam Seghiri Domínguez, University of Malaga

Cristina Toledo Báez, University of Malaga

Fardad Zabetian, KUDO

Xiaoqing Zhou-Lian, Rey Juan Carlos University

Eleni Zisi, EL-Translations

Comité organizador

Conference Chairs

Gloria Corpas Pastor, University of Malaga

Carlos Manuel Hidalgo Ternero, University of Malaga


Organising Committee

Presentación Aguilera Crespillo, University of Malaga

Marta Alcaide Martínez, University of Malaga

María Rosario Bautista Zambrana, University of Malaga

Vicent Briva-Iglesias, Dublin City University

Isabel Durán Muñoz, University of Cordoba

J. Alejandro Fernández Sola, University of Malaga

Mahmoud Gaber Ali Ali, University of Malaga

Adriana Iglesias Lara, University of Malaga

Francisco Javier Lima Florido, University of Malaga

Araceli Losey León, University of Cadiz

Jorge Lucas Pérez, University of Malaga

Luis Carlos Marín Navarro, University of Malaga

Desiré Martos García, University of Malaga

Judyta Mężyk, University of Silesia and the Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne University

Laura Noriega Santiáñez, University of Malaga

Míriam Pérez Carrasco, University of Malaga

Pilar Rodríguez Reina, Pablo de Olavide University

Marina Rueda-Martín, Pablo de Olavide University

Hanan Saleh Hussein, Pablo de Olavide University

Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñoz, University of Malaga


Student Volunteers

Jesús Mayorgas Cobos, University of Malaga

Mario Pérez Eguiluz, University of Malaga

Plazo de envío de propuestas: hasta el10 de mayo de 2023
Notificación de contribuciones aceptadas:19 de mayo de 2023

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:11 de abril de 2023
Desiré Martos García
Universidad de Málaga