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Nombre del recurso:LiLa - Linking Latin: Lemma Bank available

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The LEMMA BANK QUERY INTERFACE of the "LiLa: Linking Latin" ERC project is now online at:

Users can query the LiLa collection of Latin lemmas, used to interconnect linguistic resources and tools with Linked Data technology, through a simple graphical interface. The Lemma Bank comprises 134,228 Lemma objects and 58,278 Hypolemma objects, as well as 4,224 lexical bases, 109 suffixes and 41 prefixes. Query results can be saved as a CSV file, visualized in the LOD View or LOD Live interfaces, and the underlying SPARQL code can be copied with a simple click.

Users familiar with the SPARQL query language can also access the LiLa triplestore, which currently provides three end-points: Lemma Bank, Corpora ("Summa contra Gentiles" of the "Index Thomisticus Treebank") and lexicalResources (the "Brill Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the other Italic Languages"). Please note that both Corpora and lexical resources are work in progress.

For details, please check the list of publications about LiLa available at

For future updates, please follow LiLa's official website and social media accounts!

Prof. Marco C. Passarotti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)
Computational Linguistics
Index Thomisticus Treebank
ERC Grantee, P.I. LiLa
CIRCSE Research Centre


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