Petición de contribuciones (revista)Infoling 2.41 (2020)

Título:Verbum et Lingua
Subtítulo:Didáctica, lengua y cultura
Siglas o acrónimo de la revista:VeL
Año de publicación:2020
Lugar de edición:Guadalajara, Jalisco (México)

The electronic magazine Verbum et Lingua: Didáctica, lengua y cultura will dedicate its 16th edition (July-December 2020) to the topic of Chican@s studies. Authors are invited to send articles to be considered in this edition. The deadline to receive proposals is April 30th, 2020 to the email of the journal


Contributions related to other topics may be considered as long as they are received by the stipulated date.


Grosso modo, for Ornelas, Ramírez and Padilla (1975), the Chican@s studies have made a great effort to integrate four main constructs: race, class, culture and gender/sexuality. These constructs are present in the work of different artists who express their ideology in order to politicize and lead their community(ies) to change. According to Macias (2018), the Chican@s field of study seeks to make research holistic and multidisciplinary, as well as inclusive, comparative, grounded, up-to-date and critical. At the same time, it seeks to apply the results to social justice, education, as well as to the change of the global Chican@ communities.

Área temática:Adquisición del español como lengua primera (L1), Alteraciones del lenguaje, Análisis del discurso, Español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Español como segunda lengua (EL2), Fonética, Fonología, Lingüística cognitiva, Neurolingüística, Pragmática, Psicolingüística, Semántica, Sintaxis, Sociolingüística, Teorías lingüísticas, Traducción
Plazo de envío de propuestas: hasta el 30 de abril de 2020

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:20 de febrero de 2020
Missael Vizcaíno
Universidad de Guadalajara (México)