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Infoling 12.23 (2021)
Título:Productive Patterns in Phraseology and Construction Grammar
Subtítulo:A Multilingual Approach
Autor/a:Mellado Blanco, Carmen
Año de publicación:2022
Lugar de edición:Berlin (Alemania)
Editorial:De Gruyter

Adopting a corpus-based methodology, this volume analyses phraseological patterns in nine European languages from a monolingual, bilingual and multilingual point of view, following a mostly Construction Grammar approach. At present, corpus-based constructional research represents an interesting and innovative field of phraseology with great relevance to translatology, foreign language didactics and lexicography.

Temática:Lexicografía, Lexicología, Lingüística cognitiva, Lingüística de corpus, Semántica, Sintaxis, Traducción



Carmen Mellado Blanco

Phraseology, patterns and Construction Grammar. An introduction


Part I: Productive patterns: monolingual

Pedro Ivorra Ordines
Comparative constructional idioms. A corpus-based study of the creativity of the [más feo que X] construction


Marie Kopřivová

Between phraseology and conversational routines. Using spoken Czech corpora


Fabio Mollica, Sören Stumpf

Families of constructions in German. A corpus-based study of constructional phrasemes with the pattern [XNP attribute]

Elizaveta Onufrieva

Constructional phrasemes in Modern Greek: structure and meaning


Valentina Piunno

Coordinated constructional intensifiers: patterns, function and productivity


Kathrin Steyer
Preposition-noun combinations of TIME in German. A pattern-based approach to minimal phraseological units

Part II: Productive patterns: bi- and multilingual


Dmitrij Dobrovol’skij, Ludmila Pöppel
Russian constructions with nu i in parallel corpora


Laura Giacomini
Phraseology in technical texts. A frame-based approach to multiword term analysis and extraction


Martina Häcker
Cross-language transfer of formulae. The case of English letters


Zuriñe Sanz-Villar
German-into-Basque translation of verbal patterns. Analysing trainee translators' outputs


Lena Stutz, Rita Finkbeiner
Veni, vidi, veggie. A contrastive corpus linguistic analysis of the phraseological construction Veni, vidi, X and its German equivalent X kam, sah und Y

ColecciónFormelhafte Sprache / Formulaic Language, 4
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