Oferta de trabajo

Infoling 11.1 (2020)
Universidad, Empresa:Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Departamento:Department of Spanish
Lugar de trabajo:Seúl (Corea del Sur)
Especialidad:Español como lengua extranjera (ELE), Español como segunda lengua (EL2), Lingüística cognitiva, Otras especialidades, Pragmática, Psicolingüística

The Department of Spanish at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (http://builder.hufs.ac.kr/) invites applications for an Assistant Professor in the Spanish Program.

1. Period: March 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022

The contract may be extended before last contract year finished.


2. Qualifications: Applicants should have a doctoral degree in Spanish Linguistics or Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), speaks the standard variety of the language, and is deemed qualified to teach at the University.


3. Salary

Assistant Professor: 1) 4,082,100 KRW, 2) 3,498,600 KRW

(*Depending on his or her former educational and teaching experiences either 1) or 2) will apply.)


4. Minimum load of teaching credits: a minimum of eight credits a week.


5. Airfare Support : One-way airplane ticket from (departure) to Seoul.

Economy class for the faculty member and his/her spouse only.


The university only provides one-way plane tickets to Korea for the faculty member and his/her spouse when they are entering Korea to work with HUFS for the first time and only if he/she is in the same flight and coming to live in Korea with the faculty member.


6. Accomodations: HUFS may support Dormitory for foreign faculty members (single/family size).


7. Required Documents:

- Résumé in English with a recent photo

- Photocopy of PhD diploma 

Fecha límite para la presentación de candidaturas: hasta el:14 de noviembre de 2020
Forma de envío de la candidatura:
  Persona de contacto:
  Correo-e de contacto:hufspain@hufs.ac.kr

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:1 de noviembre de 2020
Kyunghee Kim
Department of Spanish at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul