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Infoling 10.49 (2016)
Título:MA in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies
Universidad o entidad organizadora:New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science
Fecha de inicio:1 de agosto de 2017
Fecha de finalización:1 de julio de 2018
Contacto:Soledad Galvez,
DescripciónNew York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science offers a unique one-year MA in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies at New York University in Madrid. With courses taught entirely in Spanish, the MA brings an interdisciplinary and transatlantic perspective to the study of the Spanish-speaking world.
ProgramaThe MA Program at New York University in Madrid offers students:

- Preparation for a Ph.D. Program, giving students the in-depth knowledge and critical and research skills needed to prosper at graduate school.

- Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Spanish and Latin American culture, including Jews, Christians, and Muslims in medieval Spain; art museums and collecting; mass culture and the media; photography; urban perspectives on Madrid. There are options in Hispanic linguistics and teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

- Immersion experience in Spanish culture, including excursions to the Basque Country and Andalucia, and talks offered by major Spanish scholars and public figures. Housing options include a homestay with a local family.

While many alumni have gone on to doctoral programs, others have obtained positions in secondary education, translating, marketing, the non-profit sector, and government or international agencies, where they can use their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world and high level of spoken and written competence in Spanish. All students who complete the M.A. program in one year receive a 30% scholarship applicable to the cost of tuition. Furthermore, all applicants who submit their materials by the January 4th deadline are eligible for a merit-based scholarship applied towards the cost of tuition.
ProfesoradoLuisa Elena Alcalá, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Carmen Bordón, New York University
María Castillo, New York University
Julia Doménech, New York University
Armando Figueroa, New York University
Soledad Gálvez, New York University
Mariano Gómez Aranda, Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Francisco Layna, New York University
María López, New York University
José Pazó, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Isabel Pereira, New York University
CertificaciónMA diploma in Spanish and Latin American Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies
Área temática:Lingüística románica, Otras especialidades

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:26 de octubre de 2016
Soledad Gálvez
New York University Madrid