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Infoling 10.45 (2021)
Título:Romanian Pronunciation & Accents
Subtítulo:Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Autor/a:Canepari, Luciano
Año de publicación:2021
Lugar de edición:Munich

The pronunciation of neutral Romanian is described according to the principles of Natural Phonotonetics (which is concisely introduced in two chapters). Romanian vowels, consonants, structures, stress, and intonation are also presented for traditional, colloquial, and mediatic pronunciation, in addition to six regional accents. Some phonotonetic transcriptions are provided, as well, including a small phono-dictionary. The concise phonopses of 25 peculiar languages are presented for useful comparisons, too.

Temática:Fonética, Lingüística románica

A preliminary phonopsis


1. A general approach to Natural Phonetics


2. A general approach to Natural Tonetics


3. Vowels


4. Consonants


5. Structures


6. Phonotonetically transcribed texts


7. Regional accents


8. Mini-phono-dictionary


9. Phonopses of 25 languages (for comparisons)


10. Annotated Bibliography

ColecciónLINCOM Studies in Phonetics, 34
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