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Infoling 10.18 (2021)
Título:Latin Pronunciation & Ancient & Modern Accents
Subtítulo:Geo-social Applications of the Natural Phonetics & Tonetics Method
Autores/as:Canepari, Luciano; Maggi, Fernando
Año de publicación:2021
Lugar de edición:München (Alemania)

The pronunciation of classical Latin is described according to the principles of Natural Phonotonetics (which is concisely introduced in two chapters), also following ancient texts and descriptions. This new edition improves further the phonemic structure of Latin, including geo-social differences. In addition, it provides closer examinations about all aspects of vowels, consonants, stress, and intonation. A number of both 'ancient' and 'modern' Latin accents are also presented, for useful comparisons. Some diachronic phonopses and thousands of famous sentences and phrases are included, as well. The concise phonopses of 26 peculiar languages are presented for comparisons, too. Several conversations and literary texts are transcribed phonotonetically.


0. Preliminary observations on Latin pronunciation


1. A general approach to Natural Phonetics


2. A general approach to Natural Tonetics


3. Latin Vowels


4. Latin Consonants


5. Latin Structures


6. Latin Intonation


7. Latin Texts in phonotonetic transcription


8.1. Concise Latin phono-vocabulary

8.2. Concise Latin phono-vocabulary


9. Mannered Latin


10. Latin Diachronic phonopses


11. Latin Diachoric (or regional) ancient phonopses (& map)


12. Latin Diachoric (or regional) modern phonopses


13. Phonopses of 25 modern languages (for comparisons)


14. Annotated Bibliography

ColecciónLINCOM Studies in Phonetics, 33
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Fecha de publicación en Infoling:10 de octubre de 2021
Ulrich Lüders