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Infoling 10.16 (2016)
Título:Linguistic Purism
Subtítulo:Language Attitudes in France and Quebec
Autor/a:Walsh, Olivia
Año de publicación:2016
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Editorial:John Benjamins
DescripciónThis book represents the first in-depth, comparative investigation of linguistic purism in modern French. It investigates the relative prevalence of purist ideology in France and Quebec. Both experience influence from English and have similar language legislation, but they differ in their social, political and economic history. Three different levels of society are examined (official, group and individual), allowing a comparison of the ‘voice from above’ and the ‘voice from below’. This is a key element in recent discussions of language planning but is rarely provided in studies of French. The study is also the first to apply to empirical data Thomas’s widely cited theoretical framework for describing linguistic purism (1991), and has evaluated and refined this, enhancing the theoretical underpinnings of the field. The book will be of interest not only to French scholars and sociolinguists, but also to scholars of language planning, language policy and language ideologies in all languages.
Temática:Antropología lingüística, Lingüística románica, Otras especialidades, Sociolingüística
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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Linguistic purism: An overview

Chapter 3. State language planning in France and Quebec

Chapter 4. Language societies in France and Quebec

Chapter 5. Purist attitudes in France and Quebec: A quantitative analysis

Chapter 6. Purist attitudes in France and Quebec: A qualitative analysis

Chapter 7. Purist attitudes in France and Quebec: Follow up questionnaire

Chapter 8. Conclusion

ColecciónIMPACT: Studies in Language and Society, 41
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