Infoling 10.12 (2016)
Título:Journal of Language and Sexuality
Subtítulo:Transnational discourses of peripheral sexualities in the Hispanic world
Año de publicación:2016
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Editorial:John Benjamins
DescripciónThe Journal of Language and Sexuality aims to present research on the discursive formations of sexuality, including sexual desire, sexual identities, sexual politics and sexuality in diaspora. Of interest is linguistic work in the widest possible sense, including work in sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, pragmatics, semantics, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, and other modes of language-centered inquiry that will contribute to the investigation of discourses of sexuality and their linguistic and social consequences. On a theoretical level, the journal is indebted to Queer Linguistics as its major influence.

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ÍndiceIntroduction to the special issue: Transnational discourses of peripheral sexualities in the Hispanic world
Michael J. Horswell and Nuria Godón

Ecofeminist discourse and fluid lyrical sexualities: Julia de Burgos’s Río Grande de Loíza
Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín

The discourses of sexual dissidence and memoria histórica in Alicia Giménez Bartlett’s Donde nadie te encuentre
Elena Castro

David Trullo’s queer revisionist photography: Negotiating Spain’s homonationalism and the marketing of LGBTQ human rights as commodities in Latin America
Gema Pérez-Sánchez

“The museum, cross-dressed as a museum”: Neo-Baroque language and peripheral activist aesthetics in El museo travesti del Perú
Michael J. Horswell

Kiss with a fist: The chola’s humor and humiliation in Bolivian lucha libre
Nell Haynes

Desiring futures in Cuban cultural production
Margaret G. Frohlich
Área temática:Análisis del discurso, Antropología lingüística, Otras especialidades, Pragmática, Semántica

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:8 de octubre de 2016