Congreso, coloquio o simposioInfoling 1.49 (2020)

Título:IV workshop "Populism, political representation, media language and power" (ROMPOL IV)
Entidad organizadora:Departamento de Estudios Románicos y Clásicos. Universidad de Estocolmo. Research network ROMPOL
Lugar de celebración:Estocolmo, Suecia
Fecha de inicio:19 de noviembre de 2020
Fecha de finalización:20 de noviembre de 2020
Circular Nº:1
Contacto:María Bernal,


The RomPol workshop 2020 aims to deepen and broaden its previous work on the emerging populism in Europe and in Latin America. This event follows naturally the previous workshop "Political Discourse at the Extremes in the Romance Speaking Countries: linguistics and social science perspectives" and the edited volume, published at Stockholm University press (SUP) in April 2019: "Political Discourses at the Extremes. Expression of populism in Romance Speaking Countries" (


The RomPol workshop 2020 will focus on the following research axes:

1)      Comparative studies of populist discourses emerging from different countries and circulating in the media, in France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and - for this edition - Sweden;

2)      Analyses of the seduction strategies and rhetorical means used in different populist discourses in one of the countries on focus;

3)      Studies of media productions (oral and/or written) with focus on the notions of information vs misinformation and the dissemination of fake news, in the light of specific discursive events under the recent years;

4)      Investigations of the political representation and the relations between populism and direct democracy in different countries as well as the so-called citizens' initiative referendum (RIC) in France.


These research avenues will provide complementary insights to better understand the rising populism in the countries on focus as well as the way the media participate in its dissemination and circulation. It is our hope that the workshop Populism, political representation and media language and power increase the number of collaborations with researchers from different backgrounds who are interested in interdisciplinary and comparative research on political discourse, in particular on the development of populism in Romance-speaking countries and in north European countries. Several researchers within ROMPOL are also part of the network “Language and Power” at Stockholm University, which will enable us to build bridges between different disciplines working specifically on populism and media power.


The proposals (maximum 400 words) should be sent to 

Área temática:Análisis del discurso, Pragmática, Retórica, Sociolingüística

The following researchers have agreed to give plenary lectures:


a) Within social & political science perspectives:

·    Christophe Premat, Associate Professor of French cultural studies at Stockholm University.

·    Jens Rydgren, Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University.           

·    Jessé Souza, Professor of Sociology at the University of Juiz de Flora, Minas Gerais.


b) Linguistics perspective:

·         Michele Colombo, Professor of Italian Linguistics at Stockholm University.

·         Beatriz Gallardo-Paúls, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Valencia.

·         Malin Roitman, Senior Lecturer of French Linguistics and Discourse Analysis at Stockholm University.

Comité científico

Julien Auboussier (Université de Franche Comté, France)

María Bernal (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Adriana Bolívar (Universidad Central de Venezuela)

Michele Colombo (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Beatriz Gallardo-Paúls (Universidad de Valencia, Spain)

Nieves Hernández Flores (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Thomas Johnen (Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Germany)

Christophe Prémat (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Malin Roitman (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Jens Rydgren (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Jessé Souza (University of Juiz de Flora, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Françoise Sullet-Nylander (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Renata Varga (Université de Lille, France)

Comité organizador

María Bernal (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Christophe Prémat (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Malin Roitman (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Françoise Sullet-Nylander (Stockholm University, Sweden)



Plazo de envío de propuestas: hasta el28 de febrero de 2020
Lengua(s) oficial(es) del evento:

español, inglés, francés,

Fecha de publicación en Infoling:27 de enero de 2020
María Bernal
Departamento de Estudios Románicos y Clásicos. Universidad de Estocolmo