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Título: Sociolinguistic Studies
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Volumen: 12
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Año de publicación: 2019
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Sociolinguistic Studies is the new title of Estudios de Sociolingüística, a journal founded in 2000 at the University of Vigo (Galicia, Spain) which offers a linguistic and cultural bridge between sociolinguistic research in the Romance world – especially the Spanish and Latino-American world – and the English-speaking research community.

All articles in Sociolinguistic Studies are double-blind, peer-reviewed (with 3 reports in five weeks) and may be in English, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese or French (90% of the contents are in English). It takes an ecumenical approach to the different schools, methodological principles or research orientations within sociolinguistic research and also accepts contributions from related fields such as pragmatics, discourse analysis, conversational analysis, interactional linguistics, language acquisition and socialization, linguistic anthropology, ethnomethodology and the ethnography of communication. Papers may examine any issue in sociolinguistic research including, but not limited to,styles and registers, communicative situations and speech events, politeness, bilingual conversation and code-switching, gender and discourse, language attitudes, language ideologies, the diversity of the worldwide linguistic situation, bilingualism and multilingualism, diglossia, pidgins and creoles, language and culture and language and identity.

The recent boom in the field of studies on bilingualism (to which our university has contributed by holding two international symposia, at 1997 and 2002) leads to the assumption that the problems and phenomena labelled as ‘bilingualism’ are a promising area of encounter between psycholinguists and sociolinguists. This has, in fact, been outlined in foundational sociolinguistics, apart from being extremely interesting for the development of language theory itself. We shall be devoting considerable attention to this in the pages of Sociolinguistic Studies both from sociolinguistic, psycho-sociolinguistic, pragmatic-conversational, educational, planning oriented and sociopolitical points of view.

Sociolinguistic Studies also pays special attention to minority language and cultures, language contact and change, language maintenance, shift and loss, language and social inequalities and language planning and policy.

The journal publishes substantial research papers, discussion notes, reviews and review articles and regularly publishes thematic issues. See announcement below for the latest call-for-papers for a special issue on the topic, 'Arabic between tradition. globalization and superdiversity’.

Área temática: Análisis del discurso, Lingüística de corpus, Sociolingüística

ISSN: 17508657



Ein Mischmasch aus Deutsch und Französisch: Ideological tensions in young people’s discursive constructions of Luxembourgish
John Bellamy , Kristine Horner

Stylistic variation in /r/: Shifting personas on a bridal reality television show
Maeve Eberhardt

Caribeño or mexicano, profesionista or albañil? Mexican listeners’ evaluations of /s/ aspiration and maintenance in Mexican and Puerto Rican voices
Whitney Chappell

Analyzing the production of a non-standard form: Variable use of preterit andar in bogotano Spanish
Maritza Nemogá , Matthew Kanwit

‘We don’t need another Afrikaans’: Adequation and distinction in South-African and Flemish language policies
Jürgen Jaspers , Michael Meeuwis

Residents’ perceptions on Sepitori, a mixed language spoken in greater Pretoria, South Africa
Pedro Álvarez-Mosquera , Elirea Bornman , Thabo Ditsele

Lack of effects of gender on the reading rate of long texts
Łukasz Stolarski

Residential segregation and ethnolinguistic variation
Daniel Duncan

Imagined selves and L2 learning motivation among middle-aged women: The experiences of Middle Eastern women
Haifa Al-Nofaie

Thinking about language with Bourdieu: Pointers for social theory in the language sciences
Linus Salö

Reviews - open access

Towards openly multilingual policies and practices: Assessing minority language maintenance across Europe, by Johanna Laakso, Anneli Sarhimaa, Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark and Reetta Toivanen (2016)
Pirkko Nuolijärvi

Guardians of language: Twenty voices through history, by Florian Coulmas (2016)
Angela Bartens

Desarrollo de la competencia sociolingüística por aprendices de español en un contexto de inmersión en el extranjero, by Francisco Salgado-Robles (2018)
Antonio Martín Gómez

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Xoán Paulo Rodríguez-Yáñez

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