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Autor/a: Drager, Katie
Título: Facebook and Conversation Analysis
Subtítulo: The Structure and Organization of Comment Threads
Año de publicación: 2018
Lugar de edición: London
Editorial: Bloomsbury

Facebook and Conversation Analysis investigates the structure and organization of comments on a major social media platform, Facebook, using applied conversation analysis methods. Providing previously undocumented insights into the structure of comment threads, this book demonstrates that they have a meaningful organization, rather than casually following one another. Although normally used to explore the structure of spoken conversations, in recent years conversation analysis approaches have been successfully applied to examine online interactions on Twitter, discussion forums and email exchanges. By turning this approach towards Facebook comments, Matteo Farina provides clear and important insights into the organization of this type of social interaction. Supported by a large sample of data, with findings based on a corpus of 213 comment threads, with over 1,200 comments exchanged by 266 contributors, this book makes an important contribution to our understanding of the way people communicate on Facebook.

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1. Sequence Organization of Facebook Comment Threads
2. The Organization of Facebook Comment Threads
3. First Comments in Facebook Comment Threads: Tellings
4. The Interactionally Problematic Nature of First Post Tellings
5. Non-initial Tellings
6. Responses in Comment Threads Opened by a First Post Telling
7. Conclusion

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