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Autores/as: Ribas, Teresa; Fontich, Xavier; Guash-Boyé, Oriol, eds.
Título: Grammar at School
Subtítulo: Research on Metalinguistic Activity in Language Education
Año de publicación: 2014
Lugar de edición: Frankfurt am Main
Editorial: Peter Lang

The studies presented in this book argue that exploring the grammatical system outside the communicative flow enables students to develop clearer knowledge of this system and to become more effective in their language use. This approach is the outcome of research revolving around the role of metalinguistic knowledge in learning how to write. According to this research, language use and metalinguistic activity are interdependent.

The international debate on the effect of grammar instruction on writing skills has been dominated by an overly causal approach which ignores core considerations such as the teaching procedures that we use to reflect upon the grammar system in the classroom and the way we conceptualise this system.

This book highlights the need to encourage students to engage in metalinguistic activity, in which verbalisation and data manipulation should play a key role. It also emphasises the importance of conceptualising the grammar system as an organic entity resulting from the integration of form, meaning and the intention of the speaker.

Temática: Adquisición del español como lengua primera (L1)


Debra Myhill

Teresa Ribas, Xavier Fontich and Oriol Guasch

Metalinguistic activity in language learning
Anna Camps

Working on grammar at school
Marta Milian

Evaluative analysis of the instructional approach to studyin syntactic coordination in ten secondary school textbooks
Ricardo Coronas

Verb tenses in primary school textbooks Ill
Mireia Torralba

The use of metalinguistic terms in writing activities in early primary school classrooms
Rosa Gil and Montserrat Bigas

The notion of verb mood in students in compulsory secondary education
Carme Duran Rivas

"When does that happen?" Recognition of the retrospective usage of the present tense among primary school students
Mariona Casas

Reflexive knowledge of the past tenses in Spanish
Carmen Rodriguez Gonzalo

Grammar and language reflection at school: Checking out the whats and the hows of grammar instruction
Xavier Fontich


Colección: GRAMM-R. Études de linguistique française / GRAMM-R. Studies of French Linguistics
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