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This corpus comprises sonnets written in Spanish between the 16th and 17th centuries. Each sonnet has been annotated in XML in accordance with the TEI standard. Besides the header and structural information, each sonnet includes the formal representation of each verse’s particular metrical pattern. With the purpose of having a corpus as representative as possible, every author from the 16th and 17th centuries with more than 10 digitalized and available sonnets has been included. All texts have been taken from the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. Currently, the corpus comprises more than 5,000 sonnets (more than 71,000 verses).

If you would like to cite this corpus for academic research purposes, please use this reference:
Navarro-Colorado, Borja; Ribes Lafoz, María; Sánchez, Noelia. 2015. Metrical annotation of a large corpus of Spanish sonnets: representation, scansion and evaluation. 10th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference 2016, Portorož (Slovenia).

This corpus is part of the ADSO project, developed at the University of Alicante (Spain) and funded by Fundación BBVA.
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