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Título:Guarani Linguistics in the 21st Century
Autores/as:Estigarribia, Bruno; Pinta, Justin
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Leiden / Boston
DescripciónIn Guarani Linguistics in the 21st Century, Bruno Estigarribia and Justin Pinta bring together a series of state-of-the-art linguistic studies of the Guarani language. Guarani is the only indigenous language of the Americas that is spoken by a non-indigenous majority. In 1992, it achieved official status in Paraguay, on a par with Spanish. Current language planning efforts focus on its standardization for use in education, administration, science, and technology. In this context, it is of paramount importance to have a solid understanding of Guarani that is well-grounded in modern linguistic theory. This volume aims to fulfil that role and spur further research of this important South American language.
Bruno Estigarribia

A Grammar Sketch of Paraguayan Guarani
Bruno Estigarribia

Morphological Glossing Conventions for the Representation of Paraguayan Guaraní
Shaw Gynan

The Demographics of Colonization in Paraguay and the Emergence of Paraguayan Guarani
Jorge Gómez Rendón

Word Classes and Word Class Switching in Guaraní Syntax
Wolf Dietrich

The Distribution of Implicit Arguments in Paraguayan Guaraní
Judith Tonhauser

Comparison and the Expression of Degree in Mbyá Guaraní
Guillaume Thomas

Deixis and Perspective in Paraguayan Guaraní Reportive Evidentiality
Maura Velázquez-Castillo

Spanish Loans and Evidence for Stratification in the Guarani Lexicon
Justin Pinta and Jennifer L. Smith

Insertion and Backflagging as Mixing Strategies Underlying Guarani-Spanish Mixed Words
Bruno Estigarribia

Aspects of Dialectal Diversification of Guarani in Paraguay and Corrientes: Contact between Two Given Languages in Different Settings
Leonardo Cerno

Jopara and The Spanish-Guarani Language Continuum in Paraguay: Considerations in Linguistics, Education, and Literature
Andrew Stewart

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