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Título:Developing New Identities in Social Conflicts
Subtítulo:Constructivist perspectives
Autores/as:Morales-López, Esperanza; Floyd, Alan
Año de publicación:2017
Lugar de edición:Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Editorial:John Benjamins
DescripciónConflicts are inherent to human society, but most of them do not concern us directly as participants or eyewitnesses. How we see social conflicts depends on how they are presented to us.

This volume gathers together writings by contemporary specialists in different fields, from different backgrounds, cultures and locations, but united by a common thread: the conviction that history and current affairs are constructed and presented, not according to the facts themselves, but according to media, culture, politics, gender, religion and other factors.
Temática:Análisis del discurso, Lingüística cognitiva, Sociolingüística

Chapter 1. Constructionism in historical writing
Hayden White

Chapter 2. White, Burke and the “literary” nature of historical controversies
Verónica Tozzi

Chapter 3. The discursive construction of reality in the context of rhetoric: Constructivist rhetoric
David Pujante

Chapter 4. Understanding social conflict: Reason or emotion?
Simón Ramírez Muñoz

Chapter 5. I am and I am not Charlie : The discursive conflict surrounding the attack on Charlie Hebdo
David Pujante

Chapter 6. Media representations of recent human migrations to the United Kingdom and other Western countries
Alan Floyd

Chapter 7. Rhetorical analysis of health risk discourse: The 2009 influenza pandemic crisis
Javier Nespereira García

Chapter 8. Critical analysis of an educational discourse practice: The literary text commentary
Francisco Vicente Gómez

Chapter 9. The (re)construction of gender roles in the genre of song: In search of female empowerment
Laura Filardo-Llamas

Chapter 10. Posthumanism and the city: The construction of identity and ideological conflict in discourses regarding the new technological self
Sara Molpeceres

Chapter 11. Discourses of social movements in Southern Europe: The slogans of 15M
David Pujante and Esperanza Morales-López

Chapter 12. Cognitive frames, imaginaries and discursive constructions: Post-15M discourses with reference to eco-social alternatives
Esperanza Morales-López

Esperanza Morales-López

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ColecciónDiscourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, 71
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